Pluribus Networks Edition: Software-Defined Networking for Dummies

Learn what SDN can do for traditional network architectures

Software-Defined Networking for DummiesThe traditional network topologies in place today simply can’t deliver the required level of elastic networking resources and visibility that every modern organization needs to survive and thrive. While modern business is driving much of IT innovation,
the network has lagged behind.

SDN addresses the cost, complexity, operational manageability, and adaptability challenges of traditional data center infrastructures with a forward‐looking approach that brings the benefits of open‐computing, virtualization, and cost efficiency.


Software-Defined Networking addresses the following key challenges:

  • Agility: How can I create an IT infrastructure that can change with my business, supporting new business initiatives and applications on demand?
  • Visibility: How do I ensure that I have complete coverage and deep understanding into how my network is performing, and its effect on the business?
  • Security: How can I ensure that our intellectual property and confidential information stores have been secured, not just from outside intrusion, but from access internally by users or rogue applications?


  1. Explores how modern business and technical realities challenge traditional network infrastructures
  2. How well‐architected SDN enables a new paradigm for enterprise networks
  3. How to get started with SDN
  4. How Pluribus Networks can help
  5. What you need to think about when selecting an SDN solution