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“5% of Internet Traffic Runs Through Cloudflare global infrastructure relying on Pluribus Networks”

Matthew Prince, CloudFlare


“The Pluribus Networks Freedom architecture is a disruptive combination of software and hardware technologies. By running Oracle Solaris on it, Oracle Solaris can control Compute, Network and Storage technologies, which can help eliminate bottlenecks that would impact the application performance. With the integration between Oracle Solaris and the highly programmable Netvisor architecture, Oracle Solaris can control networking resources, which allows for ideal service availability in a cloud environment, including end-to-end analytics, end-to-end SLA enforcement, dynamic network provisioning and exceptional application high availability.”

Markus Flierl, Vice President, Oracle Solaris


“When designing a high-throughput, extreme low-latency messaging solution, the compute and network infrastructure needs to be highly optimized. With the Pluribus platform, we found a disruptive combination of low-latency/high-performance networking blended with high-end compute capabilities to deliver a ground-breaking messaging platform with no equal in the industry.”

Denny Page, Tibco


Stanford University Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department


Ben Newton, Lead Consultant at Citihub


“At Morado Ventures, we operate a cloud infrastructure to offer our companies a platform to deploy and manage their own services. Our tenants leverage the compute, network and storage infrastructure, entirely orchestrated by the Pluribus Networks Freedom platform, to run a combination of virtualized and bare-metal workloads including large-scale Hadoop instances. With Pluribus, we found a powerful yet simple solution to virtualize the network and offer orchestration services in a multi-tenant environment. The ability to wire-the-rack once and flexibly re-provision servers on the fly in literally seconds dramatically simplifies our operations.”

Ash Patel, Managing Director at Morado Ventures

Distributed network operating system

Netvisor® OS 2.0:
The Freedom Network
Operating System

An open, revolutionary Network Operating System with
bare-metal hardware programmability like a server OS,
bare-metal hypervisor virtualization like a server OS,
and hardware independence like a server OS.

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A merchant hardware-based networking and computing platform

Pluribus Networks Freedom Server-Switch Line

Maximize Netvisor® OS analytics, programmability, virtualization, and performance.

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Pluribus Freedom
Development Kit

Join the community of Freedom developers.
Apply for the Freedom development kit.

Program and virtualize your network like your Server with Freedom API

Nominal $99/year fee per developer. Includes email support. requires purchase of Freedom Server-Switch

Free waived for Universities and research institutions with the purchase of Freedom Server-Switch.
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