Virtualization-Centric FabricTM

The Pluribus Virtualization-Centric Fabric (VCFTM) is a
comprehensive architectural framework to provide
unprecedented Agility, Insight and Security for your network.

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VCFTM Insight Analytics

A revolutionary flow-based, client-server oriented BI solution for
the data center network. For performance monitoring, trouble-shooting
and enhancing forensic analysis and security.

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Pluribus VCFTM Transforms your Network

Upgrade your network with Pluribus Netvisor®, a network hypervisor operating system
based on our Virtualization-Centric FabricTM that provides unparalleled insight, agility and
security for your network.

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Pluribus VCFTM energizes Dell Switches

Pluribus and Dell combine to establish a software-defined, Virtualization-Centric FabricTM.
Pluribus Open Netvisor® Linux running on Dell Open Networking hardware combine
to create cost-effective solutions with unprecedented agility, insight and security.

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Pluribus VCFTM Optimizes Networking for Hadoop

Pluribus Netvisor®, based on our Virtualization-Centric Fabric (VCFTM), can optimize the
exchange, monitor and control of huge flows of data necessary for Big Data applications like
Apache Hadoop.

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What we do

Our open networking with fabric clustering solutions transform your existing, inflexible network infrastructure into a strategic asset that meets today’s dynamic business challenges. Our easily deployable Virtualization-Centric Fabric architecture virtualizes the network to make it more resilient and intelligent while improving agility, insight and security. Our customers can leverage their existing IT network infrastructure, running more cost efficiently and bringing new business applications online faster.