Fabric Security Built-in

Macro-Segmentation and Smart Firewall policies can improve East-West Security

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Announcing Pluribus Open-DCI
Solution for Enterprise and Cloud

Simplify Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, Capacity Planning and Workload Mobility

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Software-Defined Networking
For Dummies

Explore how traditional network infrastructures are challenged, how SDN can help and how to get started.

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Pluribus Certified
White Box Support

Introduces Certified Support for Edgecore/Accton OCP Switches

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OS for Edgecore

Pluribus Powers

Dell Open Networking

Software-defined, Virtualization-Centric Fabric Networking and Analytics

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Pluribus Powers Ericsson

Ericsson’s HDS 8000 Cloud offering for hyperscale datacenters is powered by Pluribus VCF.



Delivering Today’s Business Services

Pluribus Networks provides data center solutions that allow your business to run unconstrained with complete agility and visibility. Our software-defined, open networking, fabric and analytics solutions transform existing network infrastructures into flexible and strategic assets fully aligned with today’s digital business needs.

The Pluribus Virtualization-Centric Fabric Difference

Unprecedented Insight

Unprecedented Insight

Complete business-level, application performance visibility and analytics. Available with or without Pluribus switching fabrics.

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Business Flow Visibility
Performance Analytics
Virtual Tap Technology

Superior Agility

Superior Agility

Simplify Your Network. Reduce overhead. Treat the entire network as a single and automated pool of resources.

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Distributed Controller
Automated Configuration and Management
Multi-vendor Compatibility

Next Generation Networking Built for Modern Applications

Pluribus makes your infrastructure application-aware with complete visibility so you can directly support these solutions:

What the Experts are Saying

"ESG Lab recommends a serious look at the benefits that can be realized from virtualizing networks using Pluribus Networks’ Virtualization-Centric Fabric. Through hands-on testing, ESG Lab has confirmed that Pluribus Networks can bring a robust, scalable, easy-to-manage software-defined network solution to organizations that are transitioning to the modern data center, whether deploying greenfield or integrating with their existing heterogeneous solutions."

Jack Poller | Lab Analyst, ESG Research

"The solution from Pluribus is a much simpler and affordable approach and does not require deep packet decoding/inspection, and thus Ovum believes is ideal for organizations of all sizes."

Roy Illsley | Principal Analyst - Infrastructure Solutions, Ovum Ltd

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"Pluribus is now much clearer about the specific network uses and applications where its offering brings differentiated value, focusing on cloud-computing platforms and the role the network can play supporting virtualized computing and automated datacenter operations. Pluribus' unique integration of a full server implementation with the switch hardware and software, and the construction of a distributed server system between the switches in a network, enables powerful automation and instrumentation capabilities, both of high value in this market."

Peter Christy | Research Director, Networks, 451 Research

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"Pluribus is a well-funded next-generation networking start-up company with a compelling vision, a strong product portfolio anchored by its Netvisor and Open Netvisor Linux software, and a growing ecosystem of technology partners."

Brad Casemore | Research Director, Datacenter Networks, IDC

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"With the Pluribus approach, modern business services can be delivered at the levels of performance needed, all within a cost-structure that supports the business."

Nick Lippis | Principal Analyst, the Lippis Report

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"IT leaders should consider SDN as a standard component of their data center network architecture and should look for an SDN solution, such as that from Pluribus Networks, that is focused on providing business agility, and performance visibility, all within an attractive fiscal envelope."

Lee Doyle | Principal Analyst, Doyle Research

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