About Pluribus

Pluribus Networks provides data center solutions that allow your business to run unconstrained.

What We Do

Pluribus Networks provides fabric networking and analytics solutions that transform existing network infrastructures from being rigid, costly and complex, into a foundation for modern digital-centric businesses.

Our Virtualization-Centric Fabric (VCF™) provides unprecedented insight, agility and security to create the industry’s only combined SDN and Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) offering for customers seeking to simplify operations, reduce OPEX and introduce applications online more rapidly.

Why We Do It

Clients want agile, cost-effective solutions targeting enhanced storage, compute and networking. While storage and computing have been virtualized for decades, Pluribus’ VCF solution addresses the third main component: the network. Specifically, data center operators scrambling to meet the demands of global digitalization in the 21st century urgently need complex network issues addressed.

We understand why operators want networks that are efficient yet simple to operate: networks providing immediate visibility into all data traversing the network – not just crossing the perimeter. Operators need access to choices when making their data center connectivity and their criteria often focus on rigorous security while supporting ever-changing business needs.

Pluribus is a special kind of software-defined networking solutions company that fully grasps the importance of operators demanding even higher levels of ­efficiency, combined with lower operating expenses. It is our goal to provide network admins with the tools necessary to build forward-looking, agile networks capable of assimilating with what they have already.

How We Do It

The Pluribus Netvisor® and Open Netvisor® Linux switch operating systems use advanced switching platforms supported by open silicon technologies from Broadcom and other vendors. The SDN switch industry is rapidly migrating away from vendor-specific and proprietary custom silicon switches, and Pluribus is one of the leading software-defined network switch providers combining leading switching devices with our Virtualization-Centric Fabric (VCF™) architecture, upon which Netvisor® is based. Switching Fabrics based on Pluribus VCF provide the industry’s only commercially available distributed controller fabric for high-speed switching with integrated business-aware analytics.

Our SDN switch solutions abstract the network to create a highly visible “fabric,” or single management domain, regardless of the number of switches deployed. This fabric may consist of millions of physical and virtual end-points enhanced with superior, built-in visibility eliminating the need for a separate monitoring network. Pluribus is continually expanding our product line of SDN switches. Pluribus currently offers our Freedom Series 10G/40G hardware switches running Netvisor®, offers Open Netvisor Linux to run on Dell Open Networking ONIE-compliant switches, and ONVL for White Box switches, such as Edge-Core’s Open Networking product line.

Major Customers and Partnerships

Pluribus provides software-defined networking solutions to over 100 clients, including Pacific BioSciences, Ericsson, Intuit, Steelcase and Tibco.

In 2015, we formed two strategic partnerships: a partnership with Dell which resulted in the availability of Pluribus Open Netvisor® Linux running on Dell’s ONIE-compliant 10GbE/40GbE switches, and a partnership with global TELCO provider Ericsson. Netvisor® was chosen to power their optical switching backbone found in their new HDS8000 Cloud offering.

Since 2013, California-based TIBCO has been using Pluribus switches to power their line of FTL high-speed messaging solutions for branch and retail customers, with deployments of this platform worldwide.

In 2014, California white-box giant Supermicro Computer, Inc. chose Netvisor® to power their line of Microblade server chassis. Through an OEM of Netvisor, customers of their microblade solutions can build converged solutions, which are simple to deploy and extremely cost-effective.

Supported by a 24/7 global support organization, Pluribus customers know they can depend on the experienced, intuitive team comprising Pluribus, the leading software-defined networking solutions company operating in the United States. Contact us today.