Interoperability with 3rd party Controllers

Integration with OpenStack and vSphere for Private and Hybrid Cloud Deployments


Via the Neutron Modular Layer 2 (ML2) plugin for OpenStack users can:

  • Create Pluribus Networks VNETs (networks)
  • Isolation, quality-of-service
  • Provide DHCP to virtual machines in each tenant VNET
  • Create per-tenant load balancers, routers, NAT
  • Create ACL firewalls
  • Run arbitrary applications / services in a switch running Netvisor
  • Scale to hundreds of switches running Netvisor in one or more fabrics
  • Thousands of tenants, millions of VMs

OpenStack parameters & code snippets


Testing Goals: This demonstration is being executed to show the passing of important virtual workload data from a vCenter environment into the Pluribus Adaptive Cloud Fabric and Netvisor

Data to Record:

While demonstrating the mapping of network to virtual workload data, capture relevant screenshots and command outputs showing the data matching between vCenter and Netvisor


  • Show vPort table data that accesses virtual machine data from vCenter and record results


Pluribus was able to successfully demonstrate vCenter integration by showing virtualization machine names, status and counters retrieved from VMware vCenter.

vCenter integration results