CLI Management

With Pluribus, There’s Still Room for Command Line Interface (CLI)

Pluribus Netvisor® and Open Netvisor® Linux (ONVL) simplifies system management and provides your IT staff with all of the tools necessary to put software-defined networking (SDN) to work in a way that works for your business. It puts you in the driver’s seat, providing you with a simple and effective means of operation without needing to micromanage every component in use. At the same time, we recognize the power of the command line interface to quickly make corrections when they’re needed.

Pluribus maximizes the impact of SDN using CLI, a familiar and powerful asset capable of steering deep-level processes. Progressive networks jumped into SDN without considering the what-ifs or the overreaching benefits of CLI management. We aim to offer the best of both worlds — or rather, the best of the new world of networking. As SDNs replace traditional networking systems, a familiar interface will help smooth over any potential speedbumps. You need a fast, effective way of working them out.

The Benefits of Command Line Interface in SDN

Granted, there are many aspects of SDN that provide solutions in which single lines of coding would be impractical to deliver. Networking experts have even gone as far as to say that SDN will be the end of Command Line Interface and network administrators who rely on the command line will ultimately be phased out by automation.

However, leaders in the industry realize CLI’s benefits and are hesitant to trade them away for applications that are comparatively less proven. Preserving the power of CLI for when it can do the most good is a common-sense approach to innovation. At Pluribus, we believe in harnessing today’s progressive new tools while retaining time-tested resources, and CLI has more than enough benefits to remain in your toolbox, such as:

  • Fast results – A network administrator can put their existing knowledge in CLI to pinpoint and solve problems across any number of applications, and do so quickly.
  • Extensibility – CLI installs on any VM or remote server and allows for centralized management or automation of your SDN.
  • Precise configuration of multivendor tools – There’s no question CLI allows for fast, efficient management of multiple vendor tools in support of your network. Command line codes allow automated tools to perform as they’re needed for your business.

At Pluribus, we deflate hype and study the ways network administration really works. Automated systems provide next-generation benefits, freeing up time and power and guaranteeing demanding processes always have the resources they need. When problems arise, CLI gets you back up and running faster than anything else. That’s why we pair our automation with a command line interface — and why we think you should too.

Learn more about the ways Pluribus Netvisor (on Leaf and Spine Switches) and Open Netvisor Linux (for Dell or for White Box) differs from the competition and how it will work best for you. Contact us to learn more about the next wave of sustainable, secure networking.