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Open disaggregated networking solutions for the cloud era

Democratizing Hyperscale Cloud Infrastructure – Cloud Operating Model with On-prem Performance, Control and Cost efficiencies.

IT teams are embracing hybrid cloud strategies, using public cloud where it makes sense but maintaining a majority of workloads in private cloud data center infrastructure for performance, security, control and cost-efficiency reasons. To deliver public cloud-like agility and availability, private cloud data centers must evolve to support a cloud operating model. Though compute and storage are highly virtualized, network virtualization and automation lags behind, impeding IT teams from achieving a full cloud operating model.

A New Approach to Data Center Networking – Open and SDN Automated

Pluribus Networks breaks the rigid paradigm of legacy network infrastructure to bring the agility of public cloud on-prem with the Adaptive Cloud Fabric™ (ACF) SDN automation software. The ACF solution is built into the Netvisor® ONE operating system and operates on a wide range of high-performance open networking hardware, including the award-winning Pluribus Freedom 9000 Series. The ACF incorporates network automation, virtualization, segmentation, visibility and analytics in a comprehensive, cost-effective and easy-to-use solution that works right out of the box, enabling an agile cloud networking operating model from a single site to a multi-site data center fabric.

Data Center Networking: traditional vs cloud networking on-prem

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Netvisor ONE for Open Data Center Networking

The Linux-based Netvisor® ONE Operating System (OS) is an open, secure and programable next-generation Network OS that is purpose-built to optimize the power and performance of bare metal open networking hardware. Deployed in mission-critical enterprise and service provider networks around the globe, Netvisor ONE operating system meets the most stringent performance requirements and delivers the maximum levels of reliability and flexibility at scale, and without compromise.

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Adaptive Cloud Fabric is Cloud Networking. Simplified.

The Adaptive Cloud Fabric delivers Cloud Networking. Simplified.

The Adaptive Cloud Fabric™ (ACF) delivers new levels of network underlay and overlay automation, network visibility, and security segmentation in an extremely cost-effective solution that works right out of the box. Powered by the deployment-proven Linux-based Netvisor® ONE  OS, the controllerless ACF software is an advanced data center fabric solution that automates and virtualizes a network fabric in inside a single data center or across multiple data centers. When compared with traditional BGP EVPN fabric solutions, ACF provides service deployment simplification of a factor of 1000X. The Adaptive Cloud Fabric delivers Cloud Networking. Simplified.

Pluribus UNUM Management Platform

Pluribus UNUM is an agile, multi-functional portal that enhances the intrinsic automation of the Adaptive Cloud Fabric software in two key modules. The UNUM Fabric Manager provides a GUI-based portal that provides a visual topology, workflows and wizards that eliminates the Command Line Interface (CLI) learning curve and allows a broader range of users to operate the network while minimizing the potential for errors by minimizing direct human interactions with individual devices. UNUM Insight Analytics provides up to 30 days of per-flow telemetry in a searchable database along with providing rich visual dashboards.

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Pluribus Freedom Series Open Networking Switches

Pluribus Freedom 9432-C Switch

Pluribus Freedom™ 9000 Series network switches are a fully integrated, turn-key solution that can be shipped pre-configured with the Pluribus Netvisor ONE Network Operating System (OS) installed on the Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) foundation. Built on the deployment-proven Broadcom StrataXGS® switching ASICs, the Pluribus Freedom Series switches are optimized to deliver the comprehensive advanced services of the Netvisor® ONE OS.

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