Pluribus Network Packet Broker

The Pluribus Network Packet Broker (NPB) is the industry’s first dynamic network packet broker fabric solution that is simple to deploy and scale-out to seamlessly monitor geographically distributed data center networks, and can rapidly adapt to changing network conditions, all implemented on cost-effective open networking Ethernet switches.

Pluribus Network Packet Broker
Pluribus Network Packet Broker – the first dynamic network packet broker fabric solution

The Pluribus Network Packet Broker solution has a number of unique features for IT teams who are looking to gain deeper visibility and insights from production network traffic. All traffic coming from the production network can be intelligently filtered at wire speed by the fabric and delivered to multiple security, performance, and compliance tools providing continuous real time monitoring of application performance. As the industry’s first dynamic SDN packet broker fabric, NPB offers a rich capability set from basic network packet broker features such as aggregation and filtering of all traffic at wire speed to advanced functionality such as load balancing, automatic path computation and sub-second re-convergence.

Key Features

✓ Aggregation of traffic from multiple TAPs or SPAN ports with dynamic load balancingLinks are used extremely efficiently saving capex
✓ Single pane-of-glass within a single datacenter or across geo-distributed remote sitesPervasive monitoring combined with simple operations
✓ Sub-second path failover with any link or switch failure along any path from Ingress (TAP/SPAN) to Egress (Tools).Fabric continues pervasive monitoring even if a link or switch fails
✓ Multi-chassis LAG for monitoring tools to survive any node failureTools stay connected and working even if the primary switch fails
✓ Dynamic and automatic path computation from any TAP to any filterTAPs stay connected and streaming traffic even if the primary switch fails
✓ Automatic network path computation between any Tap & any Tool anywhereEnables completely flexible placement of TAPs and tools in any location without restriction
✓ Deploy out-of-band monitoring fabric or completely integrated in the production network as a virtualized packet broker serviceRevolutionary offering where the packet broker fabric runs on the same switches that are carrying production traffic
✓ Integrated flow telemetry without external probesDeploy our Adaptive Cloud Fabric for your production network and get rich visibility without deploying any packet broker

The Pluribus Network Packet Broker’s feature-rich and flexible architecture can be deployed in various models depending on the organization’s requirement:

  1. Single site out-of-band
  2. Multi-site out-of-band
  3. Integrated mode

Out-of-band Single Site Deployment Model
Out-of-band Single Site Deployment Model
  • One TAP to one Tool, One TAP to many Tools, Many TAPs to many Tools
  • Packet Filtering, Aggregation,IPv4 and IPv6 based filtering
  • Load balance traffic across multiple tools

Multi-site Deployment Model
Multi-Site Deployment Model
  • Distributed architecture without single point of failure
  • Automatically connect taps and tools anywhere across the IP Core / WAN
  • One fabric, one forwarding mechanism across any location

Integrated Mode Network Packet Broker Deployment
Integrated Mode Network Packet Broker Deployment
  • Eliminates the need for a separate monitoring network
  • Integrate network packet broker service in the production fabric, TAP traffic segmented and isolated
  • Radical simplification and cost reduction