Pluribus Network Packet Broker

The Pluribus Network Packet Broker (NPB) is the industry’s most flexible and scalable solution for network monitoring, security monitoring and visibility. The scale-out fabric architecture grows seamlessly from simple single-switch applications to multi-site, geographically distributed monitoring and network visibility fabrics and rapidly adapts to changing requirements and network conditions.

The Network Packet Broker solution can be deployed in-line to create a dynamic security fabric for traffic segmentation and service insertion, or out-of-band for high-scale, highly flexible traffic aggregation, packet filtering, replication and advanced packet processing. And because Pluribus NPB solutions are built on a foundation of the Pluribus Adaptive Cloud Fabric and open networking Ethernet switches, they are inherently highly automated, resilient and cost-effective.

Single Site deployment model diagram

Multi-Site Fabric deployment model diagram

Network Packet Broker out-of-band deployment models

Network Packet Broker in-line deployment model diagram

Network Packet Broker in-line deployment model

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Key Features

The Pluribus Network Packet Broker solution provides a comprehensive feature set for a wide range of use cases, along with several unique advantages and benefits for network and security operations teams.

Comprehensive Features

  • High-scale, non-blocking, wire-speed packet filtering, replication, conditioning and grooming
  • Support for diverse hardware platforms with varying port capacities and interface speeds, enabling high- to low-speed traffic delivery
  • Any feature, any service, any port: Configure any port as ingress or egress
  • Any TAP, any tool, any location: Flexible aggregation and replication, 1-to-1, 1-to-many, many-to-1, many-to-many
  • Granular multi-stage packet filtering on ingress and egress
  • Support for advanced packet processing features via attached high-capacity packet engine
  • REST API for integration with other operational systems
Pluribus AdvantagesBenefits
✓ Fully modular, scale-out architecture with a “virtual chassis” operations model and no per port licensingEasily scale port capacity, add switches and sites to match demand and minimize operational complexity
✓ End to end visibility and management of geographically distributed, multi-site network packet broker fabrics, including integrated telemetrySimplify multi-site operations to lower opex, and enable easier tool sharing across sites to lower capex
✓ High resilience and sub-second failover on link or node failuresEnsure continuous network monitoring and security visibility
✓ Dynamic load balancing and path optimizationUse network capacity efficiently to drive lower capex

With these comprehensive features and unique advantages, the Pluribus Network Packet Broker solution is an ideal choice for a wide range of monitoring and visibility use cases for both network operations and security operations teams:

  • Network Operations (NetOps): network and application performance monitoring and assurance, application detection, policy and regulatory compliance
  • Security Operations (SecOps): Security monitoring, firewall, intrusion detection and prevention, suspicious user and application detection

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