Metro Networking Solutions

Break free from MPLS and accelerate metro Ethernet services for the cloud era

Pluribus Metro Networking solutions enable network operators to break free from legacy MPLS routing cost, complexity and lock-in, and accelerate metro services with a software-defined metro network architecture. Building on high-performance, disaggregated networking platforms with a software-defined service delivery overlay, Pluribus Metro Networking offers carrier-grade resilience with high performance and high agility while reducing both capex and opex costs.

Pluribus Metro Networking solutions enable a wide range of service providers and enterprises, whether building a multi-service converged metro core or adding a virtual services overlay to an existing network. Pluribus metro networks can leverage any existing transport network architecture or topology to enable fully software-defined, agile service delivery that moves at cloud speed.

Services enabled by Pluribus Metro Networking

  • Carrier Ethernet services:
    Deliver Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) compliant Ethernet services, including point-to-point E-Line and multi-point E-LAN and E-Tree, for commercial and wholesale customers.
  • Cloud interconnect services:
    Enable enterprise hybrid multi-cloud strategies with dynamic software-defined cloud interconnection to public cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers and other cloud-based services.
  • Enterprise WAN/VPN:
    Deliver secure multi-tenant layer 3 VPN services for enterprise-wide area networks (WANs) without traditional MPLS infrastructure.
  • Consumer triple play aggregation:
    Aggregate traffic from any access networks to support high-performance broadband Internet and streaming video.

A fully software-defined Pluribus metro network fabric also provides a strong foundation for building value-added managed services, such as storage-as-a-service for business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) or managed security services.

Software-defined Metro Network Architecture

Pluribus metro networking solutions are built on a foundation of disaggregated, open networking Ethernet switches running the Pluribus Netvisor ONE Operating System and the Adaptive Cloud Fabric, a carrier-grade controllerless SDN fabric that has been deployed and proven in over one hundred tier 1 mobile operator networks. The Adaptive Cloud Fabric enables network operators to build a high-performance, scalable layer 3 underlay network without requiring expensive MPLS routers, or to use any existing network infrastructure without needing to rip-and-replace or redesign the network. In either case, the Adaptive Cloud Fabric creates a completely automated, software defined VXLAN overlay network that supports the wide range of services listed above.

Converged Metro Network Core Deployment

Broadband Internet service providers (ISP) and cable multiple system operators (MSOs) can build a converged layer 3 network core (underlay) that is fully integrated with the software-defined services overlay to securely deliver both consumer triple play traffic and resilient Ethernet services for business and wholesale customers. The underlay is built on open, disaggregated switching platforms based on the latest commodity silicon. The Pluribus Netvisor ONE OS with Adaptive Cloud Fabric software runs on every switch, enabling creation of a robust underlay network using standard layer 3 routing protocols such as BGP, and the software-defined services overlay.

diagram: Converged Metro Core

Virtual Metro Network Services Overlay Deployment

With Pluribus Metro Networking, service providers or enterprises with an existing metro network can easily add a completely virtualized overlay network to deliver dynamic, agile metro Ethernet, VPN and cloud interconnect services. Open networking switches enabled with the Netvisor ONE OS and Adaptive Cloud Fabric can be deployed at the edge of the existing network where needed, and expanded as driven by service demand to ensure rapid return on investment. The Netvisor ONE-enabled switches interoperate seamlessly with any IP or transport network using standard L2/L3 protocols, and services are completely software-defined in the overlay network, so new services and new revenues can be added without any change in the existing network.

diagram: Virtualized Services Overlay

Network Management and Orchestration

Pluribus Metro Networking solutions include Pluribus UNUM software for complete network management and analytics, including graphical service provisioning and data visualization. In addition, a full-featured REST API enables integration with service provider management and orchestration systems.

Pluribus Advantages and Benefits

Pluribus Metro Networking AdvantagesBenefits
✓ Virtualized services overlay architecture abstracts services from underlying infrastructureSimplify service provisioning and operations by eliminating the need to provision services in every network node
✓ Virtualized services overlay can be deployed over any existing IP or transport network and any topologyDeliver new Ethernet, VPN and cloud interconnect services without large upfront capex investment or requirement to rip and replace
✓ Controllerless SDN automation enables completely software-defined service provisioning with a single actionAccelerate new service delivery and time to revenue while reducing operations cost and complexity
✓ Choice of open disaggregated switching platforms based on commodity silicon with VXLAN hardware accelerationBreak free from MPLS cost, complexity and vendor lock-in without compromising on performance or resilience

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