Scaling and Automating Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Converged Infrastructure Demands
Optimized Networking

IT transformation requires a new approach to modernize the network to meet the demands of ever-evolving virtualized services.

As organizations move to Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) to realize the value of private cloud and simplify and scale operations, the underlying network has largely been left untouched inhibiting the success of these transformation initiatives.

The Problem

Legacy networks are not aligned to the needs of modern infrastructure, nor are they optimized to support virtualized services. Legacy networks lack programmability and automation, and interconnecting multiple data centers is complex and requires expensive additional equipment. And the lack of end-to-end visibility and performance monitoring inhibits the ability to manage and optimize performance proactively and to achieve optimal service availability, performance, and quality.

The Adaptive Cloud Fabric Empowers
Hyper-Converged Infrastructure to Make It Smarter

The Pluribus Networks approach to next-generation data center architectures delivers an open, virtualized, and programmable network fabric that ensures the optimum performance and availability of Hyper-Converged Infrastructure clusters with simplified management and powerful performance analytics.

The Adaptive Cloud Fabric delivers a more dynamic, resilient, and elastic network that provides the ideal foundation to optimize Hyper-Converged Infrastructure network architectures, such as Nutanix, VxRail, and VMware vSAN.

The Adaptive Cloud Fabric empowers organizations to speed their transition to a completely software-defined data center (SDDC) while eliminating network complexity, significantly reducing costs and accelerating time to value for Hyper-Converged Infrastructure deployments.

Diagram - Adaptive Cloud Fabric Empowers HCI

The Value of the Adaptive Cloud Fabric For HCI Deployments

Manage VDI Performance

Complete interoperability with existing network, compute and storage HCI infrastructure

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Optimization

One-touch provisioning for HCI cluster, compute, storage, and network

Data Center Interconnect

Optimizes performance and availability of synchronization and replication of virtualized workloads

Accelerate Big Data Applications

Interconnect geographically distributed HCI deployments across data centers

Network and Traffic Segmentation

Enhanced security with granular traffic segmentation and multi-tenant services

Network Performance and Troubleshooting

Unified analytics dashboard provides visibility for VM, Storage, Compute and Network

Simple, Scale-Out Flexibility and Extensibility

The Adaptive Cloud Fabric can be implemented in a single data center, or distributed geographically to support Data Center Interconnect (DCI) requirements over any WAN or dark fiber connection without network reengineering or complex protocols. When deployed across distributed locations, the Pluribus Adaptive Cloud Fabric optimizes HCI synchronization, stretches resource sharing, speeds workload mobility, and significantly enhances disaster recovery capabilities.

Diagram - Adaptive Cloud Fabric Flexibility Extensibility

Resilient, high-performance interconnection across HCI nodes for resource sharing, data replication, and workload mobility

Supports high traffic volumes across server and storage nodes with performance predictability

Scales from several nodes to hundreds of nodes with linear performance