Data Center Interconnect

Conduct more seamless Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, Workload Mobility and Capacity Planning

Seamlessly Interconnect Multiple Data Centers Into a Single Unified Fabric

Today’s enterprises have become a compilation of multiple data processing sites due to business expansion and/or corporate acquisitions. They are looking for simple and cost-effective ways to interconnect these sites to enable them to share resources, enable workload mobility and support disaster recovery plans.

In stark contrast to legacy approaches for DCI which required significant investments in complex rigid hardware, Pluribus Networks has created a fully software-defined technology, based on industry-standard VxLAN technology. Our approach simply stretches existing local area network layer-2 domains across these geographically dispersed locations at high speed. And because it is completely software-defined, the Pluribus DCI solution can address new requirements as they present themselves.

Pluribus Data Center Interconnect is based on industry standard VXLAN technology over Layer 3 via an Open Networking Switch running Pluribus Netvisor® ONE OS. You can connect multiple data center locations (or even pods) making location transparent using standardized VXLAN technology – not expensive and proprietary DCI hardware. Plus, the visibility inside Pluribus DCI tunnels is inherent, making capacity planning and resource utilization studies available at the touch of a button.


Disaster Recovery

Pluribus Open DCI enables physically remote data centers to participate in any form of disaster recovery strategy. DCI enables all resources to logically exist within the same ‘local’ infrastructure. When the physical delineation between data centers is removed, critical business information can be replicated or accessed in real-time and configurations can be aligned to allow active-active or active-standby strategies to be implemented as desired.

Business Continuity

When Pluribus Open DCI is implemented, the location of resources is insignificant. As capacity needs change over time, workloads can be migrated across all available resources, regardless of location. In the event of failures or IT maintenance schedules, the ability to continue processing across this much larger pool maintains the IT function for the business. DCI enables all resources to share in the process function for the business.

Capacity Planning

Pluribus Open DCI enables dynamic and virtualized processing to span across all available resources, regardless of location. This increases the utilization of each resource, and provides a mechanism to monitor the utilization of local versus remote resources, providing an opportunity to add additional capacity in the most needed locations.

Workload Mobility

Pluribus Open DCI completely eliminates the boundaries between data centers and the resources that they house. As workloads move for capacity or availability reasons, DCI enables the 3rd party mechanisms that move workloads to include all resources as migration destinations, regardless of location. Critical resources can now be accessed by these mechanisms if available anywhere within the entire infrastructure since everything appears as ‘local’ to the 3rd party mechanism.