Jumpstart Service

For customers who would require a quick evaluation-to-deployment start

Wanting to get the most out of your Pluribus purchase as quickly as possible? Our Jumpstart Service is a comprehensive program that covers virtually everything you’ll need to get started – quickly. Starting with an assessment of your existing network and setup, we cover switch setup, OS install/upgrade, basic configuration and features demonstration, as well as troubleshooting best practices and general switch management training. And that’s just to start. We also cover advanced configs and demos, network integration as well as our industry-leading fabric visibility.

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Existing Network & Setup Assessment

Onsite/Remote study of your network (equipment) setup to identify the environment variables and deployment requirements.  Pluribus Devices are designed to play a variety of roles within the Datacenter infrastructure, so we will need to Network Architecture and the needs for a successful implementation.

Our Professional services team will review the existing services, device configuration and scope your requirements – Existing and Future Ones. Identify Business critical applications and any Non-Standard/Custom configuration. Reviewing your existing Network setup will also help identify the compatibility requirements for pluribus gear to function & Inter-Op with other vendor products already deployed.

Switch Setup

To complete the initial switch setup, we would gather the following datasets and complete the Setup via MGMT Port or console. After completing this setup, Administrators can SSH and login to the switch using the newly configured MGMT IP.

  1. System Name
  2. Network-Admin Account Password
  3. Management Interface IP Address and Subnet Mask
  4. In-Band IP Address and Subnet Mask
  5. Default Gateway IP Address for MGMT Subnet.
  6. Primary & Secondary DNS Server IP Address (Optional)
  7. Domain name for the Switch (Optional)
  8. NTP Server Name (Optional)
  9. Time zone (Optional)

Switch OS Install/Upgrade

Factory shipped switches might not have the latest OS installed, so we will identify the correct OS release that meets customer requirements and upgrade the pluribus gear using Online/Offline software upgrade methods depending on customer environment.

Basic configuration

After completing the Physical Layer connections required for the Pluribus Gear, Based on the requirements gathered during the Network & Setup Assessment we will configure pluribus switches with the following:

  1. Switch Fabric, VNET configuration
  2. STP, VLAN configuration
  3. Interconnect Switch Port & Trunk configuration
  4. Switch cluster
  5. Vrouter and VLAN VRRP
  6. VLAG Configuration

Basic Switch Features Demo

We will demonstrate the following features and their functionality based on the switch configuration

  1. Fabric Upgrade Demo
  2. Cluster Failover Demo
  3. VRRP Failover Demo
  4. VLAG Demo

Troubleshooting Best Practices, Switch Management Training

With this Onsite Servicer, we offer the following:

  1. Troubleshooting Best practices
  2. Support required Dataset gathering
  3. Switch Management and Administration.

Advanced Feature Configuration and Demo

Our Advanced Feature configuration includes the following services:

  1. Routing Configuration
  2. Packet Relay, flow.
  3. Switch Management – SNMP, Tacacs, Syslog.
  4. Other Custom requirements.

Network Integration

We understand every network environment is diversified with different vendor products & equipment’s. We will help integrate Pluribus gear with your existing environment and ensure a successful implementation.

Multiple Exploratory sessions are required to assess the existing configuration and capture the Inter-Op requirements. Additional Physical Layer connections might be required along with the equipment (pluribus & vendor) configuration.

Fabric Analytics and Demo

Today’s network architectures tend to be complex, rigid, and unable to meet the utmost levels of speed and efficiency demanded by the business. These infrastructures are heavily dependent upon the direct replication of desired network traffic, which in practice only provides insight into a fraction of overall and necessary East-West traffic flows. This cost is a large barrier to obtaining crucial information used in capacity planning, performance analysis and application workload optimization.

Pluribus Switches provide application flow visibility using Flow telemetry, Flowtrace, Wireshark, vFlows and vPorts. We will demonstrate these analytics capabilities with few use-cases.