White Box FAQs

What is a White Box switch?

What is the difference between a white box and a bright box?
What do the terms “OCP” and “ONIE” mean?
Do all white boxes conform to the Open Compute Project specification?
Don’t all white box switches comes with a built-in Operating System?
How can a commodity white box switch equal the performance of a mature vendor's ASIC based switch?
What kinds of features can I expect to see in a white box switch?
How do white box switches compare in price to traditional switches?
Who supports a white box switch, the hardware or OS vendor?
Can I really change the operating system on a white box switch if I choose to?
Can white box switches provide me embedded telemetry for analytics purposes?
Where can I get white box switches?


Dell Technologies

Edgecore Networks


Pluribus Freedom 9532L-C Switch