Data Center Interconnect Seamlessly through SDN

Data Center Interconnect, or DCI, has become a hot topic as IT infrastructures transform from islands of connectivity to pools of resources for efficiency purposes. Properly deployed, DCI enables all computing and storage resources to be pooled, regardless of where they physically reside, and it is the quality of this abstraction and the associated visibility that counts.

Enter Pluribus Networks running on Broadcom chipsets

Join us for this On-Demand Webinar where we will discuss why Data Center Interconnect is a key opportunity to simplify any network and how Broadcom chipsets enable this with their industry-leading VXLAN capabilities.

Pluribus Netvisor®-powered switches running on Broadcom include the industry’s most powerful and open DCI technology, VXLAN, which enables all resources across the entire planet to be shared. Along with VXLAN itself, we will explain the role of visibility in a widely distributed VXLAN based environment.

In this On-Demand Webinar, we’ll discuss how DCI running on Broadcom VXLAN can:

  • Share IT resources and increase utilization of those resources
  • Provide enterprise scale, simplicity and agility – reducing the cost and complexity of IT
  • upport modern applications including Converged Infrastructure and VDI

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