Leveraging ClearPass for Compliance and Capacity Planning

HPE ClearPass is the industry’s most popular network access control and policy management infrastructure. But authorization is just the beginning.

Real-time monitoring at the network level of what each user is accessing after being authenticated is a key component of a comprehensive security and capacity planning strategy.

Only Pluribus VCF Insight Analytics correlates network traffic with HPE ClearPass authorization enabling you to:

  • Identify unauthorized network transactions and associate them to a specific user across multiple devices and locations
  • Track usage of user based licenses, including access to SaaS providers such as Office365
  • Monitor suspicious network access patterns, e.g. the same user accessing from New York and Paris within few minutes
  • Document and audit the history of users accessing all services and devices
  • Measure the consumption of network resources by a specific user or group

Find out how Pluribus can unlock the value of your Clearpass environment. We’ll show you how Insight Analytics will help you meet your compliance requirements, increase your visibility and help secure your data and understand networked resource utilization by user or group.

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