Analytics & Insight – Networking Infrastructure’s Holy Grail

The Pluribus NV webinar hosted by SDxCentral’s Co-Founder Roy Chua, provides you with the details of the Pluribus VCF solution and more, Roy kicks off the Pluribus NV Report webinar with an overview of the newly released Network Virtualization in the Data Center Report and highlights the drivers that have propelled the network virtualization (NV) industry forward. Following Roy’s overview, Pluribus Networks Vice President of Product Management Alessandro Barbieri and Vice President of Corporate Marking Mark Harris cover key capabilities of Pluribus VCF, a network analytics solution that provides visibility and insight into network traffic, regardless of the type of physical or virtual infrastructure in place within the data center..

In this joint SDxCentral and Pluribus NV Report webinar, learn:

  • Key requirements for successful NV deployments
  • How a true network fabric can serve as the basis for analytics and insight
  • What a monitoring fabric looks like
  • How a network fabric can exceed the capabilities of more traditional tap and broker networks while maintaining a lower price point

To learn more, watch the full Pluribus NV webinar or view the presentation slides on the SDxCentral website.

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