Optimize and Deploy Hyper-converged Infrastructure Across Data Centers

Trends in the infrastructure space are moving towards tighter integration and more software-defined to overcome limitations with existing infrastructure and to emulate the way major web-scale and hyper-scale firms operate for firms of all types and sizes. Hyper-convergence radically simplifies how infrastructure is deployed and managed, and reduces the footprint of IT infrastructure, enabling IT teams to focus on what matters to them — the applications and services that power their business.

To take full-advantage of their Hyper-converged Infrastructure, IT organizations should scale their Hyper-converged Infrastructure across Data Center locations for take full advantage of Workload Mobility, Capacity Planning and Application Optimization. With the Pluribus-Dell Data Center Interconnect, IT organizations are able to construct a truly unified fabric that seamlessly connects any number of data centers, whether private or public, while meeting the most demanding performance and availability requirements. It provides an adaptive, secure and resilient single point of control, with embedded telemetry and visibility to further optimize Hyper-converged Infrastructure workloads.

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