Network Analytics for Everyone – Affordable and Application-Aware

Networking has been around for as long as data centers have been, but traditional options to analyze them are costly, difficult to setup and do not address the virtualization-centric nature of business computing.

In this webcast we will look at the need for ubiquitous monitoring of business flows, and how it can be the critical capability of your forward-looking data center strategy.

Pluribus VCF™ Insight Analytics (VCF-IA) is designed to overcome all of this.

Join us to see how VCF-IA tackles the two key areas of:

  • Application Visibility
  • Application Performance Monitoring

Get infrastructure-level application insight and see:

  • Network utilization by information flows (i.e. not just raw packets)
  • What the bandwidth consumption of your Cloud services are today and the trend
  • Active clients for licensed applications, and how to optimize the costs associated with those
  • Network information by department to facilitate chargeback billing
  • Resource utilization by organizational function or business service type