EMA Report – Managing Tomorrow’s Networks

Software-defined  networking  (SDN)  has  the  potential  to  be  the  most  disruptive  technology  the networking industry has seen in a generation.

In our research report, we  explore  just  how  prepared  these  early  adopters  are  to  manage  these technologies.  The  report  assesses  the  readiness  of  enterprises  to  manage  data-center  SDN  underlays and overlays, software-defined WAN, campus SDN, and enterprise NFV. The research also reveals the abilities of network service providers to manage SDN and NFV in their telco networks.

While SDN and related technologies, such as network virtualization and network functions virtualization (NFV), offer both enterprises and network service providers  the  opportunity  to  make  their  networks  more  agile,  automated,  and  transformative  for  the  business,  there  are  many  unanswered  questions.

This report analyzes the:

  • Readiness of existing network management tools to support SDN technologies
  • Identifies  new  SDN-related  functional  requirements  of  network  management  technologies
  • Assesses the native management capabilities of SDN products in general.

This research study examines how SDN affects network management tools and practices within both enterprises and network service providers. It is based on a survey of 150 enterprise IT professionals and 76  service-provider  networking  professionals  who  work  within  organizations  that  have  either  begun  production deployments of SDN technology or have specific plans to do so within the next 12 months.