Converged Infrastructure Begs for Great Network Performance Monitoring

451Converged Infrastructure solutions, such as those from Dell, Nutanix, and SimpliVity provide a level of abstraction that accelerates time-to-market, simplifies and standardizes administration, and reduces TCO.  Despite each vendor having a unique architecture, each still relies on your network for micro-service communication, resource and data movement, and end-user experience delivery.

These underlying complexities can go largely unnoticed and un-optimized – this is where application flow aware Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) comes in.

Great NPM must:

  • Be application-aware, not simply one that looks at raw network packets
  • Understand the business flow of information across converged infrastructure
  • Be able to identify the various performance-impacting events (such as the migration of data from one storage array to another, or the movement of a VM for load-balancing purposes.)

In this webinar, we will look at the various types of Network Performance Monitoring, provide some insight into the solutions that are available, and describe some specific examples of the power of monitoring in a converged infrastructure world.

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