451 Research: How Network Visibility and Monitoring Affects You

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Network visibility tools will continue to grow rapidly for the foreseeable  future due to ever-present security challenges and ongoing adoption of public cloud and network virtualization.

Key Findings in this White Paper:

  • The deployment of network virtualization solutions has created a near-term window for current visibility vendors.
  • Security has emerged clearly as the key revenue driver for the network visibility sector as security projects have dragged through new visibility infrastructure buildouts.
  • The combination of network traffic data with other reported (log, alert) data emerged as a distinct sub-segment of network analytics tools,  driving further demand for visibility infrastructure.
  • Public cloud infrastructure and cloud-delivered network services continue to present blind spots to network operations personnel beyond reported statistics.

Learn about such network and monitoring technology categories as:

  • ‘Feature-ization’
  • Disaggregated visibility
  • Lobotomization
  • Opaque clouds

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