How Network Visibility & Monitoring Affects You

Data center networking is evolving – can you ask your network to do more?

Data center networking is evolving right before our eyes – from infrastructure that is rooted in the past to becoming a strategic asset which is only now beginning to be leveraged. Yet how can you ask your network to do more if you are unable to view flows and endpoints?

Thus, proper network visibility and monitoring is a key part of the evolution. From the ever-present security challenges facing the changing network landscape, to key solutions such as Big Data and VDI, not to mention the ongoing adoption of public cloud and network virtualization overlays, all are demanding more out of the data center network.

In this webcast, hear from 451’s Senior Researcher Christian Renaud on:

How networks are changing:

  • Agility-wise and via segmentation
  • Fabric for management simplification
  • The Open movement and merchant silicon

Overview of Network Visibility and Monitoring (NVM):

  • Network performance and congestion monitoring and management
  • Optimizing applications based on latency
  • Security, security, security
  • How visibility is changing based on the underlying network

..And much more!