Netvisor ONE Operating System

Comprehensive Network Operating System (Network OS) with Best-in-Class Layer 2/3 Switching Optimized
to Meet the Stringent Requirements for Distributed Enterprise and Service Provider Networks

Are You Ready for Open Networking?

Moving to Open Networking bare metal switches brings significant operational and financial benefits to build next-generation networks. These switches provide the capacity needed to achieve cloud-scale, agility, elasticity, and adaptability.

As you move to a disaggregated open networking strategy, selecting the right Network Operating System (OS) is a critical success factor. Why? The Network OS deployed unlocks the performance, functionality, and services from Open Networking switches to realize the most value.

Typical Open Networking Architecture

The Best Network Operating System for Open Networking Bare Metal Switches

Netvisor® ONE is an open, secure, and programable next-generation Network OS that is purpose-built to optimize the power and performance of bare metal Open Networking hardware. Deployment-proven in production mission-critical enterprise and carrier networks, Netvisor ONE operating system meets the most stringent performance requirements and delivers the maximum levels of reliability and flexibility at scale, and without compromise.

Why Choose Netvisor ONE?

Infrastructure Manager

Why Infrastructure Managers Are Using Netvisor ONE Network Operating System with Open Networking Switches:

  • Best-in-Class L2/L3 Network OS
  • Simple, Distributed Fabric Architecture
  • Automated Provisioning and Management
  • Embedded Telemetry + Advanced Analytics
  • Segmentation and Multi-Tenant Services
  • Seamless Brownfield Network Insertion

Netvisor ONE Highlights

Advanced Network Operating System with rich services and best-in-class L2 and L3 switching & routing

  • Runs on many OCP and ONIE compliant switches
  • Modular, resilient software design
  • Distributed software-defined fabric with no controller
  • Advanced policing and control plane protections
  • Dynamic policy and QoS
  • CLI and API-driven manageability
  • Advanced VXLAN services
  • Integrated network performance monitoring telemetry
  • Integrations with VMware vSphere and NSX
Diagram - Netvisor ONE for Open Networking Hardware

Built on a Linux foundation and delivers best-in-class, full-featured Networking capabilities

Enables the seamless transition to a disaggregated open networking strategy

Standards-based networking assures assure interoperability and operational consistency with existing traditional networking platforms

Learn how DC operators are benefiting from disaggregated networking today

Network Virtualization Enables New
Network Services

Netvisor ONE is a network operating system that decouples network resources from the underlying hardware and segments the operating system and hardware resources into virtual network containers, similar to how a hypervisor virtualizes a bare metal server.

Network virtualization allows a single switch to instantiate multiple virtual networks. These can be dynamically allocated to a single switch, or span across an entire Fabric to enable granular network segmentation, strict multi-tenant services, and the integration of virtualized network services and functions into switching hardware.

Diagram - Netvisor ONE - Network Virtualization Bare Metal Switch

Netvisor ONE Powers the Adaptive Cloud Fabric Architecture

The Adaptive Cloud Fabric is a simple and secure next-generation software-defined peer-to-peer distributed network architecture, The Adaptive Cloud Fabric operates without a controller, and is built from clusters of Netvisor ONE powered switches that are federated into a symmetrical unified operating domain. The Adaptive Cloud Fabric operates without a controller, enabling seamless interoperability with existing networks allowing a non-disruptive and graceful migration to a software-defined enterprise architecture.

Diagram - Adaptive Cloud Fabric Architecture

To support geographically distributed deployments, the Adaptive Cloud Fabric features leverages a distributed control plane that allows multiple Netvisor ONE powered switches to be operated and managed as a single, distributed virtualized switch. Each member switch maintains its own individual control and data plane to support massive scale, high performance, and resiliency.


CLI Management

Completely software enabled and built on open networking platforms


Peer-to-peer architecture eliminates the SDN controller simplifying the network architecture

Fabric Virtualization

Single point-of-management from any node enables fabric-wide automation


Fully interoperable with existing network deployments

Fabric Automation

Fabric-wide API-driven, automation and policy management

Layer 2 / Layer 3

Scale to dozens and dozens of nodes

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