White Box Multi-tenant DCGW Router

With the rise of hyperscale public cloud providers and the growing importance of direct interconnection has come a simultaneous demand to enable high-performance yet cost-optimized routing from regional public cloud providers, managed service providers, private cloud hosts and colocation providers to hyperscale public cloud providers and internet service providers. In many cases, these regional providers host many tenants on their infrastructure or in their facilities and need to provide this interconnect routing on a per-tenant basis. Additionally, interconnection typically requires only a small number of default routers per customer, presenting an opportunity to provide a lower-memory, cost-optimized gateway router based on open networking principles. Pluribus is pleased to offer the Pluribus Freedom™ 9532C-XL-R Multi-tenant Data Center Gateway Router, which squarely addresses this new market opportunity by delivering multi-tenant, high-performance routing on a right-priced and right-sized 1RU white box platform.

The Pluribus Freedom 9532C-XL-R Multi-tenant Data Center Gateway Router is an advanced, programmable, best-in-class open dc gateway networking platform that provides high-capacity, standards-based routing and switching to support the data center gateway routing function. This solution delivers a cost-effective data center gateway router targeting data center operators who need multi-tenancy but do not require the full internet routing table – often seen in public cloud interconnect scenarios. Compared with traditional internet gateways that contain specialized custom ASICs with loads of memory and hold the full internet table, this platform is right-priced and right-sized and avoids the vendor lock-in associated with custom hardware.

Freedom 9532C-XL-R Front View

  • High-performance, right-sized data center gateway edge router
    • White box design based on Broadcom Silicon and Intel Xeon CPU
    • 32 x 100 GbE or 128 x 10/25 GbE – 6.4 Tb/s wire-rate performance full duplex
    • Up to 128K routes in hardware, optimized for public cloud interconnect
  • Full multi-tenancy
    • 32 containerized hardware-accelerated virtual routers
    • Per-tenant dedicated Linux Foundation open source FRRouting router
    • Unique innovations ensure control plane scale
  • Right-priced
    • As low as ~1/5th the list price of traditional data center gateway routers per Gb/s

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Featuring the Broadcom StrataXGS® Tomahawk switching ASIC, the Xeon Broadwell CPU with four high-performance multi-threaded cores and additional RAM and Flash memory, the Pluribus Freedom 9532C-XL-R is optimized to deliver the comprehensive advanced services of the Pluribus Netvisor® ONE Operating System (OS) in a multi-tenant construct. The Pluribus Freedom 9532C-XL-R is Open Compute Project (OCP) compliant, and is built with the Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) to support any compatible network operating system for maximum flexibility and adaptability to meet future data center networking requirements. The platform supports 32 container-based virtual routers, which provides a completely isolated data, control and management plane. Each virtual router is a full instance of Linux Foundation FRR and runs in a container.

This powerful next-generation 1RU router can eliminate the need for costly, oversized chassis routers and even overpriced fixed form-factor routers at the data center gateway location. Its simplicity empowers network operators to build a highly flexible architecture that can deliver secure public cloud and ISP interconnect services. The compact design of the Pluribus Freedom 9532C-XL-R Gateway Router dramatically reduces deployment footprint and requires less power and cooling, which in turn reduces the cost of data center network operations.

White Box Multi-tenant DC Gateway Router

Netvisor ONE Operating System

Enabling simple, plug-and-play deployment, the Pluribus Freedom 9532C-XL-R Gateway Router is delivered as an integrated, turnkey solution that is shipped preconfigured with the Pluribus Netvisor ONE OS installed on the ONIE foundation with the appropriate licenses activated. Pluribus Netvisor ONE is a virtualized network OS that provides a best-in-class Layer 2 and Layer 3 networking foundation and optionally licensed advanced network services such as the Adaptive Cloud Fabric™, including network segmentation/slicing services, embedded network performance monitoring telemetry and multi-tenant routing.

The Netvisor ONE OS can also be loaded on the Edgecore AS7716-32X, and with the appropriate licenses can deliver multi-tenant gateway router functionality equivalent to the Pluribus Freedom 9532C-XL-R Gateway Router.

Unique vRouter Design Delivers Multi-tenancy

The hardware and software combination has been designed for multi-tenancy. Netvisor ONE software provides a best-in-class vRouter implementation offering 32 containerized vRouters today, scaling to 128 in the near future. Not only is the software optimized for multi-tenancy, but there are multiple unique innovations around the combined hardware and software in the platform, such as leveraging the 2 x 10G internal ports that provide high-speed internal connectivity between the Intel CPU and Tomahawk ASIC to ensure a highly scalable routing control plane across all the vRouters.

Pluribus Freedom Series F9532C-XL-R: Multi-tenant White Box DC Gateway Router

If you are ready to improve performance and security for your tenants while reducing the cost of infrastructure to connect them to public cloud on-ramps, then you should take a hard look at the Pluribus Freedom™ 9532C-XL-R Multi-tenant Data Center Gateway.

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