Maximize Your ROI on Ixia Test Ports

Pluribus VirtualWire - Virtualized Patch Panel for Layer 1 Cross-Connect

Avoid buying more costly Ixia test ports – Use existing ports more flexibly and efficiently with Pluribus VirtualWire.

One of the most expensive elements of any lab is the cost of Ixia test ports at 1, 10, 25, 40 and 100 Gb/s. Typically, because of lab rigidity and different test environments, multiple groups will purchase these test generators and associated ports so that they can be deployed quickly in each test lab environment. Often during periods of demand, these test generators and test ports are “borrowed” by other teams and then not returned on time, which creates frustration and slows down the ability to get services to market.

With Pluribus VirtualWire, the lab network can be automated within one lab or across multiple labs. These test ports can now be pooled and shared, increasing utilization efficiency and dramatically reducing the number of test ports that need to be purchased. In effect, these ports can now be “virtually” loaned out when they are not in use.

Pluribus VirtualWire is a virtualized, automated patch panel for Layer 1 cross-connect that enables you to quickly build new network topologies in software in a matter of minutes with visibility and troubleshooting built in. All this is done at a fraction of the cost of traditional Layer 1 matrix or optical switches because VirtualWire runs on standard white box Ethernet switches.

The Pluribus VirtualWire switch converts media and physical topologies into virtual ones.

The Pluribus VirtualWire switch is a highly flexible, highly scalable physical layer non-blocking switching matrix powered by the Pluribus Netvisor® ONE OS. It is designed to build dynamic, high-performance lab connectivity with packet/application/link layer visibility.

Beyond saving money on test ports, VirtualWire enables test engineers to quickly reconfigure their lab topologies all in software. This helps product teams get to market faster and it helps the test team save time and money, maximize productivity and eliminate errors associated with manual patching. With VirtualWire you can store well-known physical configurations and reproduce them at will for efficient, repeatable testing.

VirtualWire network fabrics can even be stretched across geographically distributed sites with full transparency, enabling resource sharing across multiple labs. And for maximum test automation efficiency, VirtualWire also offers a powerful RESTful API to integrate with test management and orchestration tools.

Contact us today to learn how you can maximize your utilization of Ixia test ports – and avoid buying more – by redeploying them quickly from one test to the next and sharing them across groups and labs.

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  • After initial wiring, Pluribus VirtualWire acts as a virtual patch panel
  • Scalability – add switches in the VirtualWire fabric as needed
  • Efficient sharing of expensive test tools (e.g. traffic generators), which can be dynamically moved across test environments with a software command.
  • Save cable configuration for future re-use
  • Fabric-wide flow, packet, link-layer visibility to accelerate troubleshooting of physical layer issues as well as applications
  • Significant CapEx savings versus traditional Layer 1 switches: 1/10th the cost!
  • Highly programmable – CLI, Python, RESTful API and C-based APIs facilitate rapid development
  • Media conversion copper<>fiber


  • VirtualWire 1:1 and 1:n port association
  • Transparency to Ethernet frame and L2 protocols (CRC, Error frame, LLDP, FEX, Instant Access etc)
  • Media/Speed conversion with low latency
  • Link status tracking across VirtualWire fabric
  • Fabric management can be done via single switch via CLI and/or API
  • Time Machine to replay TCP flows
  • Hardware-based packet filtering, packet capture in PCAP format and packet analysis with VCFcenter
  • sFlow, IPFIX support