Open Networking Hardware

Powering the Software-Defined Data Center with Open Networking Switching

For years, hyper-scale data center operators have known the operational and financial benefits of leveraging Open Networking Switching. The growing adoption of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) has further broadened the deployment, and established the viability and economic benefits, of Open Networking Hardware concepts beyond the hyper-scale operators.

Typical Open Networking ArchitectureSimilar to how servers have evolved with the abstraction and separation of the hardware and software components, Open Networking solutions are based on disaggregating the hardware and software layers of traditional, legacy switching platforms to open, standards-based, bare-metal hardware with a choice of independent open software for the Network Operating Systems (NOS). Consequently, Open Networking principles enable organizations to assemble the best combination of networking hardware and software to meet their specific deployment requirements, while increasing flexibility, and reducing acquisition and operational costs.

Benefits of Open Networking Strategies

Netvisor Runs on Open Networking Switches

In today’s digital economy, data center demands continue to mount and the move to an open networking model is well underway. Private and public cloud data centers of all sizes demand performance predictability, scalability and reliability. Today’s Open Networking Hardware products provide the rich foundation for next generation, future-ready data center architectures. Pluribus Networks empowers Enterprise and Service Provider organizations with the freedom of choice when choosing their networking hardware to take advantage of the benefits of the market leading Netvisor Network Operating System (NOS) software.

Netvisor is a fully abstracted and virtualized Network OS that provides a best-in-class layer 2 and layer 3 networking foundation, advanced overlay networking capabilities and distributed fabric intelligence. In addition, Netvisor virtualizes the Open Switch hardware, similar to how server hypervisors virtualize bare metal servers. Switch virtualization decouples network resources from the underlying hardware to create multiple virtualized network devices with dedicated network services per virtualized network device. As a result, a single standards-based Open Networking switch can instantiate multiple virtualized network devices, each with their own virtualized router, data plane, control plane, and management plane to support granular east/west and north/south network segmentation, strict multi-tenant services and the integration of virtualized network services and functions.

Open Networking Hardware support for the Pluribus Netvisor Network Operating System

Combining Open Networking Hardware and the Pluribus Netvisor software empowers organizations to achieve the best combinations of software and hardware to scale-out networks with any combination of 10, 25, 40 or 100 Gigabit interfaces. The Pluribus Netvisor OS runs on a wide-range of Open Compute Project (OCP) and Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) hardware-compliant open network switches.

Highlighted Open Network Switches Supporting the Pluribus Netvisor Software:


Dell EMC offers their Open Networking Switches fully integrated with the Pluribus Netvisor OS to provide a flexible, powerful and optimized Open Networking data center switching solution for today’s demanding modern workloads and applications enabling the smooth migration to the software-defined data center.

List of supported Dell EMC switches

Edgecore Networks

Edgecore switches support the broadest set of commercial and open source software choices in the industry, providing customers with alternatives to meet their specific requirements. Edgecore Networks offers choices of hardware to meet open network deployments ranging from 1G, 10G, 25G and 40G, to 100G.

List of supported Edgecore switches

Pluribus Freedom Series Open Network Switches

For organizations that are looking for an integrated, turn-key solution, Pluribus Networks offers deployment-proven, high-performance open networking switches that have been pre-integrated with the Netvisor OS software to simplify operations and speed time to deployment. To support a wide-range of operational requirements, Pluribus Networks offers the Pluribus Freedom 9000 Series open network switches.

Freedom Series Open Networking Switches