Pluribus Networks and ITRenew

ITRenew, the global leader in circular cloud and sustainable infrastructure, designs cost, CO2 and supply constraints out of new IT hardware systems.  The company’s Sesame by ITRenew rack-scale compute, storage and networking solutions deliver sustainable, hyperscale-grade infrastructure 4 times faster, and at 50% lower TCO, than conventional OEMs.

To make it even easier for data center infrastructure teams to deploy, manage and scale at the speed of cloud, a highly automated, open network operating system from Pluribus Networks has been fully integrated with Sesame hardware. The Linux-based Netvisor ONE® operating system, which powers the Adaptive Cloud Fabric™ (ACF) software defined networking (SDN) fabric automation solution, is now available as a configurable option on multiple ITRenew rack scale solutions.

The combined technologies and expertise of the two companies offers choices that are ideal for organizations seeking best-in-class data center solutions that are fully tested, deliver the flexibility and efficiency of open architecture, and offer the performance and power needed to support multiple workloads.

Sesame by ITRenew and Pluribus Networks

Key highlights of the  ITRenew and Pluribus Networks Solution:

Cost Effective and Environmentally Sustainable

The ITRenew Sesame rack-scale offerings with the Pluribus Networks Netvisor ONE Operating System and Adaptive Cloud Fabric (ACF) provide highly cost effective, pre-tested and OCP accepted solutions for enterprises and service providers. ITRenew has integrated the Pluribus Netvisor ONE OS into the top of rack switches that provide network connectivity for their rack scale offerings. The solution leverages disaggregated networking and the principles of the circular data center to offer a cost-effective solution while delivering environmental sustainability.

Highly Automated to move at Cloud Speed

When Sesame by ITRenew solutions are deployed with Pluribus Netvisor ONE OS, both the network underlay and overlay fabric are automated with built-in per-flow telemetry and analytics. This enables data center infrastructure teams to deploy services at cloud speed with dramatically simplified operations, from streamlined day 0 deployment to one-touch automated fabric-wide service and policy provisioning.

Scalability for the Largest Deployments

Integrated ITRenew and Pluribus Networks solutions use an innovative protocol-free SDN control plane to program the underlay and VXLAN overlay fabric. Furthermore, the unique architecture of the ACF solution enables fabric scale up of 140 switches today with a design to support up to 1024 switches per fabric, whether inside a single data center or across multiple geo-distributed data centers.

Full Network Visibility

The Pluribus Networks solution on Sesame by ITRenew racks provides robust switch health diagnostics and per-flow traffic visibility into underlay and overlay traffic, including inside VXLAN tunnels and for east-west container-to-container traffic in Kubernetes deployments. This granular visibility is an inherent capability of the Adaptive Cloud Fabric and does not require external TAPs, probes or packet brokers, dramatically lowering the cost of network telemetry and analytics.

Network Segmentation and Security

With the programmability and ease of use of the ACF, network or security team members can quickly add VXLAN segments and VRFs to control traffic flowing across the fabric without having to reconfigure the underlying physical network infrastructure. This segmentation also allows the more efficient use of firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IDS), intrusion prevention systems (IPS), and other physical or virtual security devices.

Deployment Flexibility

Sesame by ITRenew solutions with the Pluribus Adaptive Cloud Fabric can be implemented in a single data center, or distributed geographically to support Data Center Interconnect (DCI) requirements over any WAN or dark fiber connection without network re-engineering or complex protocols. The SDN intelligence is contained in the leaf switches and thus the spines are only used for simple layer 3 transport. This results in a solution that is much more scalable and can work with any existing third-party spines as well as a solution that is topology independent.

Unifying Geo-Distributed Data Center Deployments

The Pluribus Adaptive Cloud Fabric has been designed from the ground up to stretch the fabric across and unify multiple data center locations, allowing consistent configuration of the underlay and overlay network across all switches in all locations. Overlays can be extremely powerful to stretch private cloud Layer 2 and Layer 3 network services across geo-distributed sites, especially for  disaster recovery scenarios.

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