Pluribus Networks and Ericsson

The Ericsson HDS 8000 Cloud offering is a new generation of hyperscale datacenter system that is based upon Intel’s Rack Scale Architecture and is powered by a networking Adaptive Cloud Fabric created by Pluribus Networks.

Hyperscale Cloud Demands Pluribus Networking

The demand for cloud solutions is growing but concerns around security and governance continue to slow adoption rates. Today’s operators should not have to choose between speed and security. As the Networked Society matures, operators can no longer afford to compromise – they increasingly need cloud services that deliver high performance with high security and governance. Learn more directly from Ericsson on Hyperscale Network Resources.

The Ericsson HDS 8000 Cloud offering is a new generation of hyperscale data center system that is based on Intel’s Rack Scale Architecture and is powered by a networking fabric created by Pluribus Networks. The combination of leading edge technologies enables a software-defined and disaggregated hardware approach to dramatically improve efficiency, utilization, automation and total cost of ownership. Combining Pluribus’ Adaptive Cloud Fabric with Ericsson’s optical interconnect removes the traditional distance and capacity limitations of electrical connections and makes a hyperscale Cloud possible. This enables a more efficient pooling of resources, which has a positive impact on utilization and energy consumption. Data, applications and distributed cloud infrastructures can now be automated and governed for security and compliance, meeting global enterprise policy requirements and geo-specific regulations. The HDS8000 is a platform that lets business build trust in their systems as quickly as they embrace new technology.

  • Designed for Hyperscale (RSA)
  • Software Defined Infrastructure
  • Next Generation Data Center