Pluribus and Dell EMC

Software-Defined Data Center architecture through the Adaptive Cloud Fabric

In order to address the needs of a business world that is rapidly transforming to become digital-centric, Pluribus and Dell EMC have combined together to create a Software-Defined Data Center architecture via our Adaptive Cloud Fabric that reduces costs of building and scaling the network for one or many data centers for true Open Data Center Interconnect.  For end-to-end network visibility with multiple deployment options, Pluribus-Dell EMC offers Insight Analytics for enhanced network troubleshooting, capacity planning and security and incident response.

Dell Open Networking with Pluribus – Better Economics, Better Functionality

In combination with the Dell Open Networking (ON) hardware switch portfolio, Pluribus ONVL for Dell provides industry-leading switching performance, advanced feature capabilities and a much more attractive economics picture than anything else you can buy. Whether you are deploying 10GbE or 40GbE, the cost per connection will be half of what you’d expect to pay by purchasing an incumbent or traditional switch. And the deployment flexibility within your existing network is guaranteed by Pluribus ONVL and it’s full L2/L3 stack. Pluribus ONVL for Dell provides complete interoperability with any legacy networking infrastructure, allowing for an easy migration path on your road to digital transformation.


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Pluribus Open Netvisor® Linux for Dell Open Networking Switches

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Fabric Extender Edition

Distributed Controller fabric managed via CLI or API with tap-less visibility, vPort tables and vFlow

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Enterprise Edition

Full Layer 2 / Layer 3 interoperability that runs on Dell Open Networking Ethernet Switches

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Insight Analytics

Cost effective business intelligence network monitoring for your data center networking infrastructure

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Open Data Center Interconnect

An adaptive, secure and resilient distributed peer-to-peer data center fabric running on Dell-EMC Open Networking hardware.

Solution Brief

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Fabric Visibility

Fabric-wide Application Flow Visibility and Insight with Pluribus ONVL for Dell

Solution Brief

Use Cases

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Big Data/Hadoop

Accelerating Apache Hadoop with Pluribus ONVL for Dell Open Networking

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Enhancing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with Pluribus ONVL for Dell Open Networking

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Nutanix Storage

Nutanix cluster networking with Pluribus ONVL for Dell Open Networking

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