Pluribus Networks and Dell Technologies

Build the next-generation Software-Defined Data Center with Netvisor with Adaptive Cloud Fabric and Dell Technologies Open Networking switches

Dell Technologies Open Networking switches together with Pluribus Networks offers an open, virtualized and programmable network fabric that ensures the optimum performance and availability for the Software-Defined Data Center. Powered by the deployment-proven Dell Network switch, the Pluribus Netvisor OS and Adaptive Cloud Fabric delivers an unmatched capability set that is designed to empower any size organization to eliminate complexities, do more with their next-generation data center architectures, and speed the time to value.

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Better Functionality, Compelling Economics
Both the Dell Technologies Open Networking hardware and the Pluribus Adaptive Cloud Fabric are purpose-built for software-defined and virtualized data centers of all sizes. The Netvisor OS delivers industry-leading switching performance, a comprehensive set of advanced capabilities, and compelling financial value and lowers TCO.

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Scales to meet any Interface or Density Requirements
The family of Dell Technologies Open Networking switches deliver a cost-effective, high-performance, and highly scalable network foundation that reduces the costs and complexities of building and scaling the network across one or many data centers. The Dell Technologies Networking switches can support 10, 25, 40 and 100 Gigabit ethernet connections costing as much as half of what you’d expect to pay for a legacy network switch.

Simplified Management with Comprehensive Visibility
Easy to use management and provisioning simplifies and automates operations, and powerful performance analytics provides end-to-end network visibility for enhanced network troubleshooting, capacity planning, and security and incident response.

Backed By Dell EMC Worldwide
The combined Dell Technologies-Pluribus Adaptive Cloud Fabric solution is backed and supported globally by Dell Technologies to ensure your organization is fully supported from design through deployment and beyond to maximize value, reduce risk and ensure project success.

Dell Open Network Essentials: Pluribus Technical Overview. A thorough yet efficient overview of Pluribus Netvisor ONE and the Adaptive Cloud Fabric from Dell (22:10)

Pluribus Software

Pluribus Netvisor ONE Operating System

Learn about the industry-leading Open Networking OS that delivers a best-in-class software-defined 3 Network Operating System for that is designed to optimize the performance of Open Networking hardware with a rich set of integrated advanced network services.

Pluribus Netvisor Open Networking Edition (ONE) Network Operating System

Pluribus Adaptive Cloud Fabric

Learn how the Adaptive Cloud Fabric architecture provides an dynamic and secure approach to building a holistic distributed network architecture that brings the benefits of cloud-scale, elasticity and adaptability to the modern data enterprise.

Pluribus Adaptive Cloud Fabric

Pluribus UNUM Management Software

Learn about the Pluribus UNUM unified web portal that integrates advanced management capabilities to enhance the intrinsic automation of the Adaptive Cloud Fabric with workflow automation, topology visualization, network diagnostics and integrated performance analytics.

Pluribus UNUM Platform

Pluribus Insight Analytics

Cost effective network monitoring and analytics enabling end-to-end visibility for the data center and beyond.

Pluribus Networks UNUM Insight Analytics Data Sheet

Pluribus VirtualWire Solution

Learn about the Pluribus VirtualWire Solution, which can help you quickly build new topologies in software in a matter of minutes with visibility and troubleshooting built in, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional Layer 1 matrix switches. VirtualWire allows users to store well-known physical configurations and reproduce them at will for subsequent testing. VirtualWire also offers a powerful RESTful API to integrate with a customer’s own management and orchestration tools.

Pluribus VirtualWire Solution - Product Overview Pluribus VirtualWire Software Data Sheet


Solutions and Use Cases

Next-Generation Data Center Interconnect

Explore how to build a simple, automated and secure software-define fabric architecture to enable non-stop operation for operational continuity and improve workload mobility and resource sharing across a multi-site deployment.

Next-Generation Data Center Interconnect Powered by the Pluribus Adaptive Cloud Fabric

Building the Foundation Network for Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Learn about the joint Pluribus and Dell Technologies solution for Hyper-Converged infrastructure deployments to enable building a scalable and dynamic network foundation that optimizes, stretches and improves resilience.

Building the Foundation Network for Hyper-Converged Infrastructure with Pluribus Networks and Dell EMC Open Networking

Traffic Segmentation and Service Insertion for Existing Networks with the Adaptive Cloud Fabric

Learn how the joint Dell Technologies and Pluribus solution enhances enterprise security with an overlay fabric that brings traffic segmentation, service insertion and distributed policy capabilities to existing networks.

Enabling Segmentation, Centralized Policy, Service Insertion and Visibility with the Adaptive Cloud Fabric

Simplify the Network for Scalable Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Deployments

A snapshot of the joint Pluribus and Dell Technologies solution to build a scalable network foundation for Hyper-Converged infrastructure deployments to support resilient multi-location deployments.

Simplify the Network for Scalable Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Deployments

Fabric-wide Visibility

Fabric-wide network and application visibility for analytics, control and security with Pluribus Netvisor Network OS for Dell EMC

Fabric Visibility thumb

IoT Video Networking. Simplified.

Learn about the joint Pluribus and Dell Technologies industry-first open networking solution optimized for cost-effective video surveillance and security.

IoT Video Security Fabric

Technical Briefs

Reference Deployment Guide for VxRail Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

This technical brief provides a reference network design for a VxRail Hyper-Converged Infrastructure cluster with the Pluribus Adaptive Cloud Fabric running on Dell Technologies Open Networking hardware.

Reference Deployment Guide for VxRail Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

L1 VirtualWire

This Technical Document provides a design guide for Pluribus VirtualWire, an integrated physical layer feature set for Netvisor® that enables native Layer 1 switching capabilities on open networking hardware switches.

VirtualWire Technical Document

IP VirtualWire Deployment Guide

This document describes the steps required to deploy the Pluribus IP VirtualWire solution designed to enable programmable Layer-1 physical switching for automated lab and diverse cross-connect requirements.

IP VirtualWire Deployment Guide