Pluribus Networks Simplifies the Process of Creating Private Clouds and Software Defined Data Centers

Pluribus Networks Showcases Netvisor running on Network Blades for Ericsson’s HDS8000 Cloud Offerings at Intel Developer’s Forum

San Francisco, CA – August 16, 2016Pluribus Networks, the premier network fabric and analytics solutions provider today announced the general availability of Netvisor 2.4.1 which simplifies the process of building scalable enterprise and cloud infrastructures. The new release enables the use of Openstack/Open Daylight (ODL) controller to configure fabric wide hardware based VXLAN tunnels via Open vSwitch Database (OVSDB) in High Availability (HA) mode. Pluribus will be demonstrating these capabilities along with partner Ericsson at the Intel Developer’s Forum (IDF) show here in San Francisco.

Pluribus Netvisor is built on a high performance and multi-threaded distributed control plane which takes advantage of modern open switching platforms which include significant CPU and memory resources, as well as the latest Tomahawk chipset from industry leader Broadcom. By doing so, Netvisor delivers the industry’s richest and most compatible software-defined network operating system that includes fabric wide APIs for orchestration, multi-tenancy, and full application visibility in both overlay and underlay environments.

Netvisor V2.4.1 key highlights:

  • Support for OVSDB in High Availability mode and integration with Openstack/ODL to allow interoperability between software and hardware based Overlays for bare metal and SR-IOV based Virtual Machines. Customers now have the flexibility to support and integrate solutions without complex or proprietary bridging approaches.
  • Early access for VXLAN based VNETs that allows tenants to use full range of VLAN address space and overlapping IP addresses
  • Various networking features like transparent Q-in-Q support, enhanced QoS, and MSTP

Netvisor will be demonstrated along with Ericsson powering their latest generation of bright-box networking blades currently under development as part of their highly scalable HDS8000 solution, built upon Intel’s Rack-Scale-Architecture (RSA). These switches will support Ericsson’s current customer deployments and enable hardware-based overlays and advanced rack level optical connectivity.

“Ericsson is a huge provider of cloud services in the Telco industry, and along with front-end technologies like 5G, we are aggressively bringing back-end Cloud services to life and the HDS8000 and related switches are a big part of that solution set”, says Jason Hoffman, Head of Cloud Business Unit at Ericsson, “Pluribus Netvisor running on our white box switches and their Virtualization-Centric Fabric architecture with REST APIs make our Server, Storage and Networking all work seamlessly with Ericsson cloud manager while providing our customers the agility and application visibility they desire.”

“Netvisor takes advantage of new Intel’s Xeon-D processors and larger memory configurations to leverage these 2nd generation of OCP ‘Server-Switches’ to provide support for extremely large numbers of physical and virtual end-points (vports) found in modern data centers and clouds”, says Sunay Tripathi, Founder and CTO Pluribus Networks. “Heavily virtualized environments and growing numbers of containers and IOT deployments create millions of end points that otherwise can’t be supported by traditional switch designs and their included switch-based hardware address tables alone. That is why we invented our VCF architecture and how we support these next-generation networking requirements.”

About Pluribus Networks

Pluribus Networks provides data center solutions that allow your business to run unconstrained. Our software-defined, open networking, fabric-based solutions transform existing network infrastructures into flexible and strategic assets fully aligned with today’s digital business needs. Our Virtualization-Centric Fabric (VCF™) architecture provides unprecedented insight, agility and security to customers seeking to simplify operations, run more cost effectively and bring new applications online faster. Find us on the web at and @pluribusnet.

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