Pluribus Networks Offers Unprecedented Visibility for VMware Environments

Agile and VM awarePALO ALTO, Calif. – August 31, 2015Pluribus Networks, the company that brings the power of virtualization to the network, announced today that it will be demonstrating the industry’s first software-defined data center (SDDC) offering to include deep application-level awareness of core data center systems, including those from VMware, Nutanix and other software-defined infrastructures. The demonstration, which will take place in Pluribus’ booth (#547) at the VMworld conference taking place in San Francisco this week, will also include Pluribus’ first public showing of its recently announced ONIE-compliant Open Netvisor Linux (ONVL), which will be running on Dell’s latest 10/40GbE open-networking switches.

Server virtualization has been foundation of data centers for the past decade. Along with associated levels of server agility comes the need to understand, manage and track these dynamic server instances in the context of the network that supports them. Building upon its industry-leading virtual TAP technology, Pluribus will be demonstrating the ability to coordinate all of the metadata associated with these virtual ports (“vports”) with their corresponding network data flows, dramatically increasing the contextual visibility of the network itself, and helping data center managers understand the impact of their migration of computing loads and quantify the resources being consumed by various business services.

“As the software-defined data center takes shape, enterprises and service providers alike are on a journey to virtualize all the infrastructure in their data centers. With storage and servers already virtualized, networking must follow the same course,” said Brad Casemore, research director for datacenter networking and IDC. “Merely virtualizing the data center network, however, is not enough. The key for enterprises and service providers is to automate and orchestrate this next-generation virtualized infrastructure as a whole, collapsing traditional IT silos in the process. By combining the networking fabric and the VM context presented by ESXi™, Pluribus Networks is demonstrating the value that accrues from breaking down these silos and is helping to make the software-defined data center possible.”

Also, in its first public demonstration of its recently announced Open Netvisor Linux operating system, Pluribus will showcase its support for the latest generation of open networking switches, as well as demonstrate the creation of a completely virtualized networking fabric across them. These white-box/bright-box switches can now be deployed in any commercial environment, with the same capabilities and economics enjoyed by the mega data centers such as those run by Facebook and Google. The demonstration will include a number of open networking switches provided by Dell running Open Netvisor Linux with its embedded analytics and tap-free visibility spotlighted.

“The demonstration of our network virtualization and virtual machine visibility support represents our continued leadership in delivering the agility and analytics that data center managers are demanding,” said Sunay Tripathi, CTO and Co-Founder of Pluribus Networks. “The software-defined data center requires that computing, storage and networking layers become more tightly integrated, with specific awareness of each. Leveraging our alliance partnership with VMware, we are demonstrating a level of agility, raw performance and deep visibility for virtual machines and their movement, which is key to ensuring business continuity as today’s data centers become ever more virtualized.”

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