Pluribus Networks Demonstrates Its Open Virtualization-Centric Fabric Running on Dell’s Open Switch Portfolio

Showcasing comprehensive support for VMware vSphere and Puppet and Ansible Linux Automation tools in booth 526 at VMworld 2016

 VMworld, Las Vegas. – August 30, 2016Pluribus Networks, the premier open network fabric with embedded analytics provider, today announced it will be demonstrating support for VMware vSphere and cloud automation tools in its latest release of its popular Open Netvisor Linux (ONVL) operating system, in booth 526 at VMworld in Las Vegas.  Based upon its popular Virtualization-Centric Fabric architecture, ONVL 2.4.1 for Dell includes a wide-range of new capabilities ideally suited for the enterprise’s transformation to private cloud, including deep integration with VMware’s vSphere infrastructure and industry-standard fabric automation support through Ansible and Puppet, all with concurrent usage and performance analytics capabilities. In addition, Pluribus is releasing its latest report from the Tolly Group, the industry’s most trusted networking test lab, which certifies Pluribus’ claimed switching performance claims, showing that Netvisor based switches meet or exceed the performance delivered by all other switches available on the market.

“Dell is considered one of the networking industry’s biggest innovators and disruptors through our deep understanding and delivery of innovative solutions that directly address our customer’s challenges. Our partnership with Pluribus enables us to better support our clients as they address their IT transformations and build their private clouds,” said Tom Burns, general manager and executive vice president of networking at Dell. “Pluribus has added direct support for VMware’s vSphere, as well as support of Ansible and Puppet automation tools which are so important when our customers are creating their own private clouds. By working with Pluribus, customers can realize the full potential of open networking for modern applications.”

Pluribus ONVL enables users to create agile fabrics with critically important embedded visibility. When coupled with Dell’s line of high-performance open switches, ONVL offers the networking industry a leadership switching solution, eliminating the cumbersome and proprietary attributes of traditional network choices. Key benefits of deploying ONVL on Dell switches include:

  • Elimination of a one-vendor, end-to-end locked-in topology – by using standard networking protocols and enabling complete compatibility with existing infrastructure devices
  • Support for VMware vSphere – which allows all VMware host, interface, state and virtual machine information to be mapped to the Pluribus VCF infrastructure to enable unified analytics
  • Support for the industry’s most popular automation layers from Ansible and Puppet – to enable switches to have their software updated, routing protocols (such as BGP) configured and even the switches themselves rebooted
  • Embedded visibility – providing complete insight to flows and packets concurrent with automated fabric services
  • Distributed control plane – eliminating scale and performance issues as well as reducing the risk associated with single point of failures found in centralized control topologies
  • Simplified operations – with one-touch provisioning of resources. Virtual networks can be provisioned with the touch of a button, enabling IT to quickly respond to changing business conditions
  • Rapid convergence – as network elements change, reducing delays by up to 90 percent in heavily virtualized environments
  • Unifies physical and virtual environments – across both public and private cloud deployments

Forward-looking organizations look to high performance open switches to better support modern applications, including big data, virtualization, converged infrastructure and Virtual-Desktop Infrastructures. When coupled with open switches from Dell, Pluribus ONLV enhances these organization’s ability to respond to changing business conditions rapidly, and provides a level of visibility and security that has previously been unattainable due to sheer cost and overwhelming complexity. Additionally, organizations of all sizes can realize dramatically reduced networking economics without sacrificing functionality or performance. According to a recent research paper by analyst firm Gartner, although the most obvious benefits of brite-box switching are cost savings and simplified acquisition, these are not the only benefits. In fact, one of the most important benefits cited by early adopters of this technology is improved management.(1)

Industry-standard management of an ONVL environment makes its debut in version 2.4.1 with support for Puppet and Ansible, the industry’s most popular cloud automation tools. This new capability enables switches powered by ONVL 2.4.1 or later to participate in these industry standard systems management approaches. All aspects of the operation and management of these switches can be manipulated, including operational status of the switch itself, configuration of network and routing parameters including LAG, vLAG, VLAN, Port Configuration, vRouters, VRRP, BGP, and OSPF.

Pluribus Networks’ ONVL V2.4.1 for Dell is available now through Dell or any of its channel partners.

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(1) Gartner report “The Future of Data Center Network Switches Look ‘Brite, Andrew Lerner, Joe Skorupa, Refreshed: 06 April 2016 | Published: 01 December 2014’”

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