Webinar: “State of the Art SDN Analytics” with SDxCentral

Feb 2, 2016


Webinar Address

What is your data center network switching infrastructure providing you today? Is it primarily Layer 2 and Layer 3 connectivity and management? Does it feel needlessly rigid and costly? That could be due to either being based on proprietary solutions or even if based on more open architectures, they still could designed to do little else.

But what if you could get telemetry data on your data center networking traffic directly from the switches themselves? Better yet, what if you could also get visibility on endpoints and flows? Or go one step further — what if you could get the ability to rapidly analyze that information dynamically based on business needs to solve problems more directly?

That’s what we mean by true analytics and insight.

In this joint webinar from SDxCentral and Pluribus Networks learn:

  • About the network virtualization market that caters to analytics and insight
  • How a true network fabric can serve as the basis for analytics and insight
  • What a monitoring fabric looks like
  • How a network fabric can exceed the capabilities of more traditional tap and broker networks

Download the 2015 Network Virtualization in the Data Center Report and join SDxCentral and Pluribus Networks on February 2nd at 10:00am PT.

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