Software Engineer – Network Protocol Engineer

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Job Description:

You will be a key member of the fast paced Pluribus Network Engineering team using your expert design and implementation skills to deliver high quality L2/L3 networking protocol and data plane forwarding implementations for the Pluribus Networks NetVisor™ operating system. You will use your excellent communication skills to work closely with our Solutions Architects and Product Managers to understand and find solutions to complex requirements so that Pluribus Networks can provide the best switching and routing protocol implementations for our customers. You will work closely with the Pluribus Test team to ensure highest level of quality. You must be able to multi-task and participate in customer escalations with our Customer Advocacy and Sustaining Engineering teams analyzing and solving complex customer escalations with high-energy and a commitment to customer satisfaction.


  • 5-10 years overall experience implementing L2/L3 networking protocols and forwarding with a BSCS or equivalent
  • Hands on experience with routing protocols such as ECMP, BGP, PIM/IP Multicast, IPv6, BFD, VRRP
  • Experience with Layer 2 networking technologies such as VLAN, STP, RSTP/MSTP, LACP, QinQ
  • Experience with overlay networking technologies like VxLAN, DCI interconnect, EVPN
  • Experience with debugging and trouble-shooting Open source protocol stack like FRR
  • Experience working with Yang Models, OVS, OVSDB, OpenStack ML2 plugin, NAT, TLS/SSL security, LXC containers is a plus
  • Hands on experience with use of Broadcom SDK, Trident family architecture
  • Excellent C/Linux/POSIX programming and debugging skills
  • Experience debugging and fixing complex networking issues in forwarding, kernel, user space

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