Software Engineer – Linux Kernel/Driver Developer

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Job Description:

You will be a key member of the fast paced Pluribus Engineering team using your network driver expertise to design, implement, and debug unix device drivers. You will use your expertise in unix internals and embedded systems to bring up Pluribus Netvisor OS on a number of hardware platforms. As an experienced and talented developer you must be focused on delivering high quality software that can be verified and maintained from release to release.


  • 8+ years overall experience with a BSCS or equivalent
  • Excellent C/Linux programming and debugging skills
  • Experience bringing up x86 platforms, including knowledge of the required firmware, BIOS, boot loader and OS components
  • Experience in integrating third party switching ASICs, including Broadcom family products
  • Experience with low-level OS/platform, understanding of Unix internals;
    • Experience in OpenSolaris/Illumos is a plus
    • Experience in OpenSolaris Zones and lxc is a plus
    • Excellent understanding of operating system packaging (linux & opensolaris), file systems (zfs/btrfs)
    • Experience with debugging tools like dtrace and eBPF is a plus
  • Experience debugging and fixing complex driver and networking issues
  • Experience with OS performance tuning
  • Excellent understanding of routing protocols such as OSPF, RIP, PIM/IP Multicast, IPv6
  • Excellent understanding of Quality of Service (QoS) technologies
  • Ability to work independently on complex issues and also in a collaborative environment
  • Curiosity and interest in tackling new problems

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