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250px-familyfeud2007logoIf you’re a fan of game shows, you may have either grown up watching The Family Feud (hosted by Richard Dawson) or perhaps the current one (Steve Harvey). If you’re not familiar, the premise is simple: ask contestants the same survey questions the show has already compiled results for in an attempt to have the contestants try and name the most popular answer.

Whilst at VMworld two months back, Pluribus Networks surveyed 134 attendees (no, we did not pit one “family” vs. another). Instead, we were looking for what the big priorities were for their companies’ IT-wise, what they felt about their IT orgs and even their own readiness (in the form of needing/wanting more training) and what role networking had to play in all of it.

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Because I already know the results, and perhaps because I am sitting at the precipice of AWS re:Invent, I felt it was a great time to re-mention the findings.  Our press release earlier this month, “Private Cloud is the Essential Start of the Public Cloud Journey” and accompanying infographic announced the survey results.

Key Findings

  • When it comes to the technologies that IT professionals think will most impact their company over the next three years, public clouds and private clouds (software-defined infrastructure) are the clear leaders (each 43 percent). Virtual desktop infrastructure (41 percent) and converged infrastructure (30 percent) trailed behind.
  • Only 14 percent of respondents “strongly agreed” that their IT department was currently set up to meet the needs of the business, showing that there is a lot of uncertainty around what technologies will affect the future of IT.
  • When looking at the top nine new technologies in the IT space (server virtualization, cloud services, containers, software-defined networking, mobile/tablet computing, converged infrastructure, virtual desktop infrastructure, and big data and Hadoop), in practically everyone, more than 50 percent of IT professionals said that they are either deploying the new technology or actively researching it. This means the majority of organizations are considering, piloting or deploying a wide range of the newest IT technologies.
  • Three times as many respondents claim that the network is a strategic investment, as opposed to a tactical one. While the network is clearly important to individuals, many feel it is more of a long-term investment, rather than a tactical need for today.
  • The message is clear, creating agile and visible private cloud networks that support their public cloud adoptions is a key success factor, with 49 percent saying visibility and monitoring is the most compelling attribute of SDN, followed by automation (45 percent) and simplified management (37 percent).

red-xSo hopefully you are in agreement with most of the findings. But if not, you won’t be subjected to a Family Feud style big red buzzer “X”.

P.S. Come to the Pluribus Networks booth at AWS re:Invent booth #107 to learn how our Networking can build the perfect Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure…and we’ll let you ask the questions ; )

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