Pluribus UNUM 5.2.0 – Deeper Insights at Wire Speed and Scale


Building open, scalable, programmable and easy-to-operate data center network infrastructure is a core principle at Pluribus Networks. Engineering simplicity into our fabric automation solutions has helped many customers smoothly roll out and manage their business-critical data center networks.

At Pluribus Networks, we also believe in providing choice to customers on how they interact and manage their networks. With a controllerless SDN fabric as our foundation, Pluribus enables powerful options for network architects and administrators to program their networks – CLI, Rest APIs and Ansible, as well as our own web-based management platform providing fabric management and analytics, Pluribus UNUMTM.

Pluribus UNUM has two major components:

The first is the UNUM Fabric Manager, a fully graphical automation front end to the Adaptive Cloud FabricTM software. UNUM provides admins with a rich visual representation of the fabric and its components, enabling them to quickly perform Layer 2 or 3 network tasks such as creating VLANs, adding ports, creating trunks or managing routes, and many other common provisioning and configuration functions.

The second component is Insight Analytics, a real-time analytics and performance management module that collects and stores telemetry from the fabric and then presents a rich set of graphical dashboards along with a powerful search function. With Insight Analytics, you can view traffic flow patterns between any two endpoints, see user activity or even analyze VMware virtual machine traffic.

New Analytics Dashboard – Port Statistics

Our latest release of Pluribus UNUM 5.2 is now generally available and being actively deployed by many customers. With UNUM 5.2, we are integrating UNUM Fabric Manager and Insight Analytics on Dell Technologies Virtual Edge Platform 4600, a purpose-built open modular platform designed to host virtual networking functions (VNFs) that is extremely easy to deploy. Customers can now quickly deploy and manage their large-scale fabrics very efficiently from a small platform with a compact form factor that can hold up to 500 million stored flows.

Additionally, release 5.2 UNUM adds a number of key new capabilities:

  • Pluribus UNUM on Dell Virtual Edge Platform 4600 can handle up to 30 days of flow data and up to 500 million flows, and also includes two Virtual Netvisor® ONE machines to help manage larger, busier fabrics.
  • Changes to the fabric via CLI or RESTful API are now tracked and displayed via a notifications dashboard for a robust audit trail of network changes.
  • New analytics dashboard to monitor security, QoS and packet broker vFlow policies.
  • Highly simplified dashboard for lab automation to fully automate the creation of IP VirtualWire point-to-point connections between any two devices connected to the fabric.
  • New QuickStart functionality for fabric creation that has been performance-tested to provision a 10-switch fabric in under 15 minutes.

Watch the following short videos to learn and understand how Pluribus UNUM can provide innumerable operational benefits enabling the data center and network operations to spend their valuable time on driving better business.

VideosUNUM VideosDescription
Video 1UNUM Introduction Video Introduction to the UNUM platform
Video 2UNUM Day-0 Automation Learn how to use UNUM for Day 0 automation
Video 3UNUM Zero Touch ProvisioningWalkthrough of the ONIE provisioning process
Video 4UNUM Health DashboardUNUM dashboard for fabric health
Video 5UNUM vPort DashboardUNUM dashboard for virtual ports
Video 6UNUM Automated Fabric Build Learn how to set up the initial Adaptive Cloud Fabric
Once you are done setting up the basic fabric, pick a playbook to finish configuring it.  Here are two examples:
Video 6.1UNUM – L2 VRRP Configure a simple Layer 2 fabric with VRRP between the spines
Video 6.2UNUM – L3 BGP VRRP Configure a Layer 3 BGP fabric with VRRP between the leafs
Video 7UNUM 5.0 Feature OverviewOverview of the new features in 5.0
Video 8UNUM Virtual Link Extension FeatureOverview of point-to-point pseudowire functionality – directly connect two geographically distributed switch ports across the fabric

If you have not test-driven UNUM Fabric Manager or UNUM Insight Analytics, now might be the time, as these products are helping customers with quicker deployments and simpler configuration change management. IT teams that deploy UNUM have more time to spend on strategic projects and see a  better return on investment on their data center networking modernization initiatives. We offer a 60-day trial license – if you are interested, please contact us at this link. For even more technical detail on the new capabilities of UNUM Fabric Manager and Insight Analytics 5.2, please review the data sheet or release notes, which can be found by logging into the customer portal.



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