Orchestrating Better Business Outcomes with Anana Ltd.

In the world of information technology, orchestration is what vendors promise and end users dream about – systems working together in an automated and efficient fashion. But it turns out that orchestration is important in other aspects of business as well.

For example, how brands communicate with customers has changed greatly with the rise of mobility, applications and e-commerce. How do you reach customers today? Three, four, or even five different ways?

Keeping track of all that can be a nightmare, and getting it right is the ultimate competitive advantage. That’s where Anana Ltd. comes in. They’ve developed a unique solution, including a cloud-based platform, that in their words, “ensures all interactions, from traditional paper-based correspondence and voice calls, to text, email, social media and web chat, are perfectly orchestrated. So, you can engage with your customers more efficiently than ever before.” Anana solutions are helping some of the best-known brands in the U.K. achieve that goal, including Marks & Spencer and Vodacom.

To deliver for their customers, the Anana IT team recognized that it was time to upgrade and modernize their data center network infrastructure across their two primary data centers. Of course, they required high-performance switching systems, and they also knew they needed a greater degree of automation in order to enable more agile service delivery. Finally, with many customers on the Anana Cloud CX platform, it was also critical that Anana had the ability to segment application and customer traffic for multi-tenant security.

With those criteria, the team quickly decided that open networking was the best option. They turned to their partner Dell EMC and their broad portfolio of high-performance open networking hardware platforms. They chose the Pluribus Networks Adaptive Cloud Fabric because of its unique controllerless SDN architecture, which enables fabric-wide automation across Anana’s multi-site data center network, as well as its superior network segmentation approach, with deep network slicing across the control, management and data planes.

“With Pluribus’ controllerless SDN and Adaptive Cloud Fabric, we can dynamically move virtual machines, applications and workloads between data centers, and do maintenance without impacting customers. We can update policy across the entire network with a single command. We’re improving our service levels and customer satisfaction at the same time. Our network is highly automated, enabling us to better serve our business, and our business to better serve our customers,” said Gareth Evans, Anana Infrastructure Manager.

To learn more about Anana’s deployment of open networking with Dell EMC and Pluribus, click here.

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Jay Gill

Jay Gill

Jay Gill is Senior Director of Marketing at Pluribus Networks, responsible for product marketing and open networking thought leadership. Prior to Pluribus, he guided product marketing for optical networking at Infinera, and held a variety of positions at Cisco focused on growing the company’s service provider business. Earlier in his career, Jay worked in engineering and product development at several service providers including both incumbents and startups. Jay holds a BSEE and MSEE from Stanford and an MBA from UCLA Anderson.