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We live in a multi-cloud world where a majority of workloads still reside in either on-premises or hosted private clouds or on-premises or colocation-based data centers that leverage cloud management principles. The data center operators managing these environments need to build IT foundations for private clouds that are agile, secure, and reliable. The fundamental goal is to enable IT teams to focus on cloud outcomes that support the digital transformation of their businesses, and single-site and multi-site data centers must be fully automated and orchestrated as software-defined data centers (SDDCs) to support private cloud.

IDC’s “Cloud Repatriation Accelerates in a Multicloud World,” Doc #US44185818, August 2018

While compute and storage automation and virtualization have made leaps and bounds over the last decade, software-defining and virtualizing the data center network has continued to be extremely complicated and expensive. This has put SDDC and private cloud out of reach for lean IT teams operating small and medium single-site or multi-site data centers.

Pluribus recently expanded our blog series on software-defined data centers in a multi-cloud world into a comprehensive eBook. It takes a look at the challenges of SDDC and outlines some solutions that can help small IT teams achieve SDDC cost-effectively. Download it and learn:

  • Why every size IT team should strive to implement a software-defined data center
  • How to build an open networking foundation for network automation
  • How you can leverage an “Easy Button” for SDN control of physical and virtual data center networks
  • How to get network analytics without probes, TAPs and packet brokers
  • How to achieve network segmentation for security and multi-tenancy

Download the eBook today.


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Mike Capuano

Mike Capuano

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