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edge computing

What is Edge Computing? Here’s Why It’s Important

Edge Computing seems to be a hot topic these days but what does it really mean and why is it important? Well as it turns out, most data center and ... Read More >
Multi-site DC Fabric

What is Data Center Interconnect vs. Data Center Unification?

In this blog, we review data center interconnect (DCI), and how to build on DCI connectivity to unify multi-site data centers. Learn more ... Read More >
What is Network Segmentation?

What is Network Segmentation?

With this blog we answer the question, what is network segmentation? In simple terms, network segmentation is defined as the practice of dividing a larger network into several smaller subnetworks that ... Read More >
Out-of-band Monitoring Fabric

Geo-Distributed Packet Broker Services with Pluribus Adaptive Monitoring Fabric

Any Tap, Any Tool, Anywhere Introduction As applications and workloads become more distributed across data centers, edge locations and public clouds, a well constructed, highly available network to connect those ... Read More >
A Look at the Landscape after Nvidia Acquires Cumulus Networks

A Look at the Landscape after Nvidia Acquires Cumulus Networks

I wrote about the acquisition of Big Switch Networks by Arista Networks in a blog about one month ago. For the second time this year, there is news of an acquisition that ... Read More >
IP Video Security Fabric

IoT Video Security Networks, Simplified.

Today we announced a new networking solution to simplify IoT video surveillance and security. Video surveillance has become a mission-critical element of security strategies in smart cities, utilities, transportation, universities ... Read More >