VCF-IA Installation Service

Configure Switch, VCF-IA Install and Demo

VCF™ Insight Analytics is an application that enables a network administrator to visualize, extract, analyze and generate reports from application flows that are serviced through Pluribus Networks’ switches, powered by our Netvisor® operating system (nvOS) or Open Netvisor® Linux (ONVL) operating system.

Our Professional services team will help you get started on the following:

Configuring Pluribus switches

  • License and Basic Switch Setup
  • If Pluribus switch is receiving mirrored traffic from a 3rd party device – configure ports just to absorb the data for analytics purpose only.
  • Enable services that require VCF-IA to work

VCF-IA Install and Demo

  • Install VCF Insight Analytics (VCF-IA) virtual machine (Linux based) on VMware ESXi infrastructure
  • Initial configuration of virtual machine that includes, SSL cert install, configuring Pluribus switch fabric information, starting necessary VCF-IA services.
  • Configure external authentication (LDAP) for VCF-IA user interface.
  • Demo of VCF-IA dashboard, search and reporting tools.
  • Ability to add business and application context to flows with custom defined ‘tags’.

VCF-IA Installation prerequisites:

  • VMware ESXi hypervisor environment with vSphere / vCenter version 5.5 or above.
  • Minimum hardware requirements : Depending on the number of flows license (10M or 100M), either
    • 4 vCPU, 64GB RAM, 64GB SSD or
    • 8 vCPU, 64GB RAM, 400GB SSD
  • Thin provisioning of disks and deployment on SSD is recommended.
  • Network connectivity from VMWare ESXi environment to Pluribus fabric management network or out of band management network.