How Nutanix Infrastructure Benefits from Pluribus Netvisor®

Companies in the web-scale datacenter space have found that the complexity and latency inherent in the traditional server and storage area network (SAN) environment was an impediment to their ongoing effort to scale the user base and the infrastructure size.

Since most companies cannot justify the investment into developing a home-grown converged infrastructure, Nutanix has applied the resource pooling concepts to deliver a simple, scalable computing infrastructure to the enterprise.

Learn how the Pluribus Netvisor network operating system can help manage the factors that affect Nutanix cluster performance such as:

  • Block composition
  • Locality
  • Secondary traffic
  • Location of active/master cluster services
  • Network hotspots.

To address the need of a large virtualized workload, Pluribus has developed a Virtualization-Centric Fabric architecture based on server cluster technologies. Without the need for an external controller, Pluribus Netvisor switches federate into a fabric, offering unprecedented insight, agility and security of virtual loads as seen in Nutanix environments.

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