IDC Spotlight: The Role of Software-Defined Networking in the Era of 3rd Platform Datacenters

The 3rd Platform — cloud, mobility, big data, and social business — is redefining business process and business model innovation across all industries.

This whitepaper examines how a new generation of networking is emerging to address the needs of increased virtualization, cloud computing, mobility, and social business.

3rd Platform networking has arisen to support and deliver critical workloads for enterprises and service providers pursuing the transformation of both business processes and business models.

Software-defined networking (SDN) and network disaggregation will be leveraged extensively in this context, providing critical elements for automation, programmability, orchestration, and overall business agility.

This paper provides a perspective on how Pluribus Networks — a well-funded, venture capital–backed start-up company — is contributing to practical SDN architectures and to the realization of network disaggregation in the broader enterprise and service provider markets.