Forrester Report: Vendor Landscape – Hyperconverged Platforms

Hyperconverged platforms blend ease of use, scalability, and integration into easily consumable webscale building blocks.

Forrester Report: Vendor Landscape – Hyperconverged PlatformsThis simplicity allows infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders to spend less time engineering and tuning fundamental infrastructure and more time putting capabilities in the hands of their firms’ customers.

This report discusses why, when, and how I&O professionals should integrate hyperconverged systems into their infrastructure. This report also provides an overview of the most important offerings and players in the rapidly expanding hyperconverged platforms market to help I&O pros choose wisely among them.

Key Takeaways:

  • I&O Pros Will Favor Hyperconvergence For VM Clusters And Private Clouds
  • Technology Accessibility Is The Most Disruptive Element Of Hyperconvergence
  • The Hyperconvergence Landscape Is Mature And Expanding Rapidly

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