ONVL Operating System for White Box switches

Open Netvisor® Linux for white box switches implements Pluribus VCF architecture for Fabric and Visibility and supports the new generation of OCP/ONIE open switches.

Getting started with software-defined network virtualization and analytics

Today’s data center operators are working tirelessly to optimize assets and reduce costs, while at the same time increase their visibility into operations and their ability to rapidly respond to changing business requirements. The commoditization of hardware has reduced the delivery and deployment times of infrastructure, and the white box switch has become a critical driving force in staying competitive and aligning IT with the actual business.

pluribus-certifiedPluribus Networks Open Netvisor® Linux (ONVL) works with a variety of popular white boxes and certifies the combination of hardware and software through our “Pluribus-Certified” program assuring users that they won’t get caught in the middle of a multi-vendor solution.

Why People Select White Boxes with Pluribus ONVL

The reasons many infrastructure managers and architects are using white box switches with our Pluribus Open Netvisor® Linux (ONVL) OS include:

performance-icon-2Top-rate performance, meeting or exceeding the performance seen in traditional switching products
agilityEnhanced agility by creating a single fabric – while working with what you have already. (Read the Solution Brief)
Fabric VisibilityIncreased visibility of the usage of the business services found on the network, including flows and packets (Read the Solution Brief)
CLI ManagementSimplified management. No longer a box by box nightmare: simple fabric wide management. Learn more

Plus, you’ll get all of that and more at commodity pricing!  Contact us directly for the latest list of Pluribus-Certified white box switch solutions.

Specific Benefits of Open Netvisor® Linux for White Box Switches

The Pluribus Virtualization-Centric Fabric is a patented architectural approach to SDN and found at the core of everything we do. Open Netvisor Linux (ONVL) for white box switches is based upon VCF and is able to deliver to users of these switches complete network insight, advanced network agility and enhanced security capabilities, all with dramatic cost savings.

Benefits Designed for Your Switching and SDN Needs

full-support-iconFull support for Pluribus-Certified white box switches, allowing you to choose commodity hardware and significantly reduce your expenditures compared to traditional networking and DC management.
agilityQuickly adjust to shifting business goals and client demands through reduced application deployment times, reduce operational overhead, and increased accountability
Fabric VisibilityFabric visibility is inherent in the system so that your team can quickly troubleshoot any existing concerns, integration issues with new applications and converging additional infrastructure.  Read the Solution Brief.
securityEnhanced security footprint across your entire deployment. ONVL helps you track all traffic flows and manage resource utilization to help you manage multiple risk instances. Learn more.
Layer 2 / Layer 3Full support for existing network equipment and Layer 2/Layer 3 deployments, while operating as an additional fabric and analytics layer for expansions.
ExtensibilityCompletely programmable. Let your DevOps team grow, expand, manage and customize when they need to thanks to a reliance on and support for Java, C and R.E.S.T. APIs.
Fabric AutomationReliance on Fabric Automation capabilities to maintain desired networking configuration and operational efficiency in order to decrease downtime and OpEx costs. Read our Solution Brief.

White Box Switches in SDN Ecosystems

Software-Defined networks should be able to do more for you than simply connecting ports. The virtualization of networks is a key requirement as businesses transform from rigid structures with long project times, to nimble and reactive digitally-centric solutions. Networks built upon Open Netvisor Linux transform the raw capacity found in open switching devices into mission critical switching fabrics with complete visibility.


For Established Datacenters – Preserve your Investment

Today’s data centers with existing network infrastructure already deployed typically rely on aggregation-layer and dense switching topologies. These networks represent one of the biggest areas to see immediate improvements when compared to building the same structure using Pluribus Open Netvisor Linux.  Our ONVL technology is designed to work with what you have. Its virtualized fabric can be added incrementally and can be created over the existing network structure. Its full compatibility with existing layer-2 and layer-3 connectivity is key to realizing the benefits of fabric and visibility during your transition. Preserve your investment in previous infrastructure.

For Newer Datacenters – Agility and Visibility

Fabric-based networking layers are a must-have in leading data center technology, especially when developing a new environment. Look for a network with visibility and overall agility in order to support the business and all its modern applications. It is the Pluribus-Certified combination of hardware and software that assures end users that they can realize advanced network fabric and analytics, simplified operations and reduced costs, without any finger-pointing or support issues. New data centers don’t need vendor support hassle – the Pluribus-Certified program has you covered.

Get the Software-Defined Network you need…guaranteed

At Pluribus, supporting our customers is at the heart of everything we do. That means we focus on improving the end-to-end experience of connecting systems across the data center and across the planet. We simplify the network and its operations, and we are there to support these deployed solution, regardless of which Pluribus-Certified white box switch hardware has been deployed.

Contact us now to learn more about how our Open Netvisor Linux can transform your white boxes switches into powerhouses of network agility and visibility. And remember, everything we make works with what you already have installed, so no “fork-lift” upgrades required!

OCP/ONIE-compliant switches running ONVL

Examples of OCP/ONIE-compliant switches include those from Accton/Edgecore with their OCP-certified AS5712-54X 10GbE switch and AS6712-32X 40GbE:

Accton/Edgecore AS5712-54X 10GbE switch runs Pluribus Open Netvisor Linux
Accton/Edgecore AS6712-32X 40GbE switch runs Pluribus Open Netvisor Linux