Network Performance Monitoring: VCFcenter™ for Visibility and Analytics

Cost-effective network performance monitoring, trouble-shooting and enhancing forensic analysis of packets and flows across the network

Business Intelligence from your Data Center Networking Infrastructure

Wouldn’t it be great to easily and cost effectively get business insights directly from your data center networking infrastructure? You could always use better information for application performance monitoring, your east-west security posture, auditable flow data, network capacity planning or troubleshooting/forensic analysis.

Today, this usually requires expensive additional hardware and tools such as network taps and packet brokers which then dump raw data into a back-end analytics platform. And due to their cost and complexity, these systems are deployed in limited qualities across the network which then provides visibility to just a fraction of your network.

Fortunately, Pluribus Networks has developed VCFcenter™ a single-pane, big data approach to network analytics which includes applications for application-based flow analytics, as well as one for packet-oriented analytics. Built upon our Virtualization-Centric Fabric (VCF) architecture, VCFcenter enables any data center, campus or branch to be monitored in real-time with the ability to look at historical detail as well.

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Dashboard – click any aspect to filter and drill-down, intuitively


Network Monitoring has always been an expensive and complex process since network traffic starts with the transfer of vast numbers of raw packets of information, which are cryptic in nature. VCFcenter is the industry’s first highly intuitive, big data approach to  and network analytics that solves three basic shortcomings with traditional analytics tools:

  • Interactive speed becomes critical when considering millions or billions of business flows. Users need the ability to navigate quickly and without lag, perform what-if inquiries, and let the data itself determine the analysis process
  • Application-aware, business transactions. This eliminates the need to try and align dozens or hundreds of raw packets with their business value. Both packets and flows of information associated with specific business applications are available
  • Cost has always been a limiting factor and as such monitoring has been deployed only in a tiny percentage of where performance information would be useful. Comprehensive monitoring should not be a luxury, but a common practice everywhere.

VCFcenter is an easy-to-use, drill-down dashboard intended to allow the user to to visualize key application flow and packet metrics, with extensive filtering, trending and correlation capabilities


A powerful search engine UI with a simple query syntax designed to isolate and filter specific flows and packets from among millions – in a fraction of a second.

VCF-IA Search
Search – enter command line instructions for rapid filtering

VCF-IA Report


A standardized set of most common reporting of high-level packet and flow statistics.