Building a holistic distributed network architecture that brings the benefits of cloud-scale, elasticity and adaptability to the modern data center

The Network Matters.

In order for organizations to fully realize the potential of technology, they are looking to modernize their network and leverage the Cloud for increased agility, speed and consistency. This means new approaches and capabilities are required. Ideally, all aspects of a data center would be virtualized and available as a service.

Built on the Pluribus Fabric Architecture

Built on the deployment-proven Netvisor® network virtualization software, the Pluribus Fabric is a simple, dynamic and secure approach to building a holistic distributed network architecture that brings the benefits of cloud-scale, elasticity and adaptability to the modern data center. The Pluribus Fabric delivers a highly optimized and resilient operating environment to meet the mission-critical requirements of enterprise and service provider organizations to support transaction-intensive applications. The fabric distributes intelligence, integrates a broad range of advanced network services, and provides pervasive visibility for all traffic traversing the network.

Netvisor OS

Netvisor is a virtualized Network Operating System (NOS) that provides a best-in-class layer 2 and layer 3 networking foundation, distributed fabric intelligence and virtualizes the switch hardware, similar to how VMware® virtualizes a bare metal server. Switch virtualization decouples network resources from the underlying hardware to create multiple network containers on a single device that can be dynamically allocated. A single switch can instantiate multiple network containers, each with their own virtualized router, to support granular east/west and north/south network segmentation, strict multi-tenant services and the integration of virtualized network services and functions.

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Insight Analytics - Network Performance Monitoring


Interop Best of Show 2016
Pluribus wins Interop “Best of Show” 2016

Pluribus Insight Analytics eliminates the economic and operational barrier associated with traditional monitoring infrastructure (based on packet brokers and expensive tools), and brings flows and packet analytics to broader enterprise networking deployments ranging from campus to data center

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Freedom E-Series - Leaf and Spine Switches

The Pluribus Networks Freedom E-series switches provide best-in-class networking functionality including switching, routing, storage and analytics. The E-Series switches are powered by the Netvisor® operating system (nvOS), the most open and programmable SDN operating system in the network switching technology industry. nvOS is built on the Pluribus Fabric architecture, enabling Pluribus E-series switches to create a distributed controller, tap-less network fabric.

Freedom E-series Spine Switch
Freedom E28Q-L Spine Switch

Freedom E-series Leaf Switch
Freedom E68-M Leaf Switch

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